Blueberry Bomb!!

(Because this face mask is literally the bomb!! It’s an all-rounder and can improve almost all skin types in some way.)

We listed for you the Ingredients and Directions for your very own Blueberry Bomb.


1 tablespoon of blended or mashed blueberries

1 tablespoon of oats

The juice of half a lemon



Mix the blended berries and oats together, then add the lemon juice. If the consistency is too thick then add more lemon juice.


How do the ingredients benefit our skin?

Blueberries – Rich in fibres, vitamins A and C, high anti-oxidants and full of nutrients.

Oatmeal – Full of fats that are moisturising. Because of its rough texture, it also makes for a fantastic scrub. It also cleanses your skin removing any dirt and oil.

Lemon – Antibacterial and helps reduce acne. Lemon is also packed full of citric acid and vitamin C which will brighten your skin over time.


Leave this mask on for 10 – 15 minutes.

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