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Laser Hair Removal for women

Say goodbye to shaving, plucking, creams or waxing

Imagine not having to fiddle around with creams, shaving plucking or waxing ever again. Imagine having smooth silky skin all year round and not having any ingrown hairs, rashes or pimples. Imagine the money you will save in professional waxes and razors alone. Medical grade laser technology and removing unwanted hair were made for each other!

Getting laser hair removal is quick, hygienic and easy. It only takes approximately 5-10 minutes to treat your bikini line, underarms, upper lip, facial hair or your neck to get rid of annoying collar rash and ingrown hairs, or approximately 15-20 minutes to treat larger areas such as extended bikini, lower legs, upper legs, full leg, back or arms.

The professionals at Havana Skin Clinic use the latest technology. The Lumenis Lightsheer Duet hair removal laser is the gold standard and will work virtually every time on dark hair and blonde hair and on any skin tone or skin colors.

And now, it is also basically pain free, because of the chill-tip cooling devices.

Laser Hair Removal for women

These days, laser hair removal for women provides the results any woman is looking for without taking too much of her time. This is so effective that almost 80% of female clients are availing of this procedure.

Gentle Reminders

Is one session enough?

What women should remember is that excellent results depend on the hair growth cycle. This varies from one client to the next which means that hair may grow at different rates. Multiple sessions are possible. To give you a clue, the upper body parts are usually treated after every 4 weeks while the legs (upper legs / lower legs) are treated after every 8 weeks.

Is protection needed during post-treatment?

The face is always exposed to UVA rays and this can have adverse effects on the face if proper protection is not followed. Ask the practitioner for specific instructions about protection especially when the treated areas are constantly exposed.

Is shaving important?

Yes. Also, shaving the right way is just as important. Shave 3 days before the treatment and shave the night before the session. The shaving that was done 3 days before removes the heavy hair while shaving done the night before means you’re going over the hair that you missed. There is a good chance that the client may have to book another session if the shaving was not done properly.

Can I get this treatment anytime and anywhere?

There are many beauty clinics around but finding an expert is a must. A person who specializes in laser treatment knows the best type of laser to use for your skin. This reduces the risk of negative effects.


Most Popular Spots for Laser Hair Removal for Women

  • The Face

Laser hair removal for women is most commonly used for facial hair. The chin, sideburns, upper lip, cheeks, and chin can be treated with laser.  Be prepared for maintenance session though which can take 1-2 times per year.


  • Lower Legs

Having hairy legs means shaving almost on a daily basis. To avoid this, a lot of clients opt for laser treatment. Also, having a pair of great-looking legs is a confidence booster.

  • The Underarms

Laser hair removal for women is the perfect choice to keep the permanent hair growth under control. This way, a woman can raise her arms or wear any kind of top without the embarrassment caused by underarm hair.

  • The Bikini Line

Instead of the regular shaving and waxing, laser hair removal for women assures of permanent hair growth reduction.  Recent developments in the aesthetic industry include the use of lasers that provide comfort for the clients. This means it is pain-free.

Costs of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal prices are always one of the top concerns of any client who want certain parts of their bodies treated. Any person who wants this aesthetic procedure wants to get the best deals that you local laser clinics have to offer.

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Laser Hair Removal Prices for Each Area

  • Underarm treatment is €299 for the full course.

Full course refers to an average of 6 treatments (with four to six weeks between treatments); however, this number of treatments can vary based on the health of the client (womens health is an important consideration). Customers who have medical conditions that can affect the laser hair removal procedure can have more than 6 sessions with up to six weeks between treatments.

Costs of laser hair removal for the bikini areas are usually €299 but it will still go up depending on the type that the client wants to avail. One recommended tip to identify the suitable type is to work on the area that is usually shaved or waxed.

  • Extended bikini is €349 per course.
  • Brazilian type is €399 per course
  • Hollywood type is €449 per course.

For the legs

  • Half-leg treatment is €499
  • Full leg treatment is €799

Special Packages

Havana Skin Clinic also offers special packages.

  • For half-leg, bikini, and underarm package, the price is €899 for one course
  • Full-leg, bikini, and underarm package is €999 for one course.

What makes these packages more practical as compared to individual treatments is the guaranteed savings of time and money. The clients must understand that choosing any of the packages means that the legs will be treated at separate intervals as compared to the bikini and underarms. This is due to the hair growth cycle which does not happen in unison all over the body. The legs should be treated at 8 weeks.


Generally, it usually takes 6 sessions for the results to be seen, but choosing a package means you will be having two extra treatments for FREE for the legs. At Havana Skin Clinic, the bikini and the underarms will be treated on a 4-week cycle but the legs will have 8. In addition, for every second treatment on the bikini and underarm, the legs will be treated as well.

Too Pricey? Think Again

Think about how much time and money you spend waxing or plucking, how much do you spend over a lifetime on razors?  How much would you pay for a simple medical procedure? In fact permanent hair removal will save you a lot of money over your lifetime and think about the feeling of ease once you remove unwanted body hair

So why wait? Visit Havana Skin Clinic in Dublin to have that gorgeous hair-free skin that you are dreaming of.

3 Pro Hair Removal Tips for Shaving Your Bikini

Every client who is about to undergo laser hair removal must shave the area before the treatment. Shaving the the bikini helps in the success of the treatment by allowing the laser to target the hair follicles better. Removing the hairs will also prevent the fuzz from blocking the device. The hairs may also damage the device. If you’re not used to shaving the bikini area, here are 3 pro hair removal tips for shaving your bikini

Use a Mirror

Use a mirror when shaving the bikini area. You can stand in front of a mirror to get a clearer view of the bikini. You can use a marker, preferably, a white pencil for marking the sections that you want to be hair-free.

By doing this, it will be easier to remove fuzz on the skin, especially on the bikini area that is hard to reach. Using a mirror will help you avoid getting cuts, and will help you shave the right sections precisely.

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Use Aloe Vera

Before shaving the bikini, dampen the area first and then apply aloe Vera. Get the razor work from outside to inside of the thighs, and carefully remove hairs. Make sure to remove any remaining hairs on the razor before shaving a new line. Take your time when shaving, and work one side at a time.

Shave One Side at a Time

Shave the area one side at a time. If you applied the aloe Vera towards the thigh area, get the razor and shave towards the labia. Shave one side at a time, and take your time. You can start be shaving the top portion of the bikini first. Then, proceed to the sides. Shave the labia area carefully and then the bum section.

Remember to never rush when shaving. Always take your time. Once you’re done with one side, remove the aloe Vera with warm water. Then, proceed to shaving the other side.



Why Use Aloe Vera?

Though there are other products that you can apply to the area prior to shaving, aloe Vera is the most advised product for use. It helps soothe the skin before and after the procedure. Aloe Vera is the only product suggested by laser hair specialists that can make the area less sensitive, especially for patients who are prone to bumps and lumps.

Thus, applying aloe Vera on the bikini area before undergoing the treatment calms the skin. You can apply the product 1 day before the procedure, but not on the day of the treatment. The area must be clean and shaved before going to your first laser hair removal.

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Laser Hair Removal: The Hollywood


Feel Sexy All-Year-Long

The most typical reason why women want to a hair-free bikini is because it feels clean and sexy. In this modern age, laser hair removal is the best method to get a hair-free bikini. Compared to shaving or waxing that are inconvenient, and where the hair regrows fast, the Hollywood laser hair removal can eliminate hair on the bikini for good. It will give women the confidence to wear any kind of swimsuit without worrying about a protruding hair. The Hollywood laser hair removal eliminates hair on the bikini, which is hygienic, too. Especially during menstruation period, shaving or plucking the bikini hair is just impossible, unless the woman doesn’t mind the being bloody and gore. Undergoing laser hair removal also gives women the freedom to wear any outfit they want. It gives them a boost of confidence during intimate moments, or when heading to the beach.

Laser Hair Removal for women: No more


skin damage

Shaving and waxing can both damage the skin. With continuous shaving, the skin gets in contact with sharp razors that can impair the surface of the skin. It can lead to cuts that may result in permanent scars. Shaving can also cause ingrown hair, which is sometimes irreversible. On the other hand, waxing may also damage the skin, as the skin together with hair is pulled as the wax is removed. It can lead to the formation of blisters, and may also result in ingrown hair. Plucking the hair from roots may also cause infected hair because the deeper part of skin is exposed making it more susceptible to harmful elements like bacteria.

All of this inconvenience can be avoided by considering hair removal treatments.  Allow your laser professional to perform the procedure giving you perfectly smooth skin after a visit to one of our laser clinics.

Save Money, Time and Your Skin!

Shaving and waxing can both damage the skin. With continuous shaving, the skin gets in contact with sharp razors that can impair the surface of the skin. It can lead to cuts that may result in permanent scars. Shaving can also cause ingrown hair, which is sometimes irreversible. On the hand, waxing may also damage the skin, as the skin together with hair is pulled as the wax is removed. It can lead to the formation of blisters, and may also result in ingrown hair. Plucking the hair from roots may also cause infected hair because the deeper part of skin is exposed making it more susceptible to harmful elements like bacteria. All of this inconvenience can be avoided by considering the Hollywood laser hair removal. With the help of this treatment, women can enjoy a hair-free bikini while keeping the skin clear and smooth.

Ms Bikini Ireland visits Havana Skin Clinic

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Laser Hair Removal | Miss Bikini Before and After

Miss Bikini Ireland 2016, Jeni Assandey, just had her laser hair removal a few weeks ago. Due to her type of career, laser hair removal is more of a necessity for Jeni, than just a want that will keep her skin hair-free, and camera-ready anytime her projects demand. Now, let’s see what happened to Miss Bikini Ireland 2016 after completing her laser hair removal sessions at Havana Skin Clinic.

Before Laser Hair Removal

Miss Bikini Ireland 2016 has tried different kinds of hair removal to keep her skin smooth. She had undergone waxing, IPL, and laser treatments to get rid of her unwanted hair. According to Jeni, waxing was the worst when it comes to the level of pain of the procedure. She even described the pain level of waxing as being ‘closest to labor’.

Funny as it may seem, it’s true that waxing can be extremely painful, especially for people who have low pain tolerance. Thus, for Miss Bikini Ireland 2016, waxing just didn’t work. According to Jeni, she had laser hair treatments before, but that was a year ago. She wasn't able to go to her laser appointments religiously, so her hair wasn’t treated enough. After a year, her hair grew back, which made her decide to try laser hair removal at the Havana.

After Laser Hair Removal

During her last laser hair treatment, Jeni was extremely busy, and just didn’t have time for the treatment. However, the time she did, she said the treatment was extremely effective that she didn’t have to wax or shave her skin.

As Miss Bikini Ireland 2016, she frequently wears swimwear, which demands her to keep a hair-free skin. When she realized waxing just doesn’t work for her’, she turned to laser hair removal. As a public figure who maintains a flawless skin, and toned body, laser hair removal greatly helped Jeni in keeping her always ready for the camera. Havana Skin Clinic keeps Miss Bikini Ireland 2016’s skin smooth and hair-free.

When asked about what she thought about laser hair removal, Jeni said she thought her skin is going to feel sore, but she didn’t feel any sore at all! Jeni said the pain level was only 2-3 out 5, both for her legs and her underarms.

If you want to know more about Jeni’s laser hair removal journey, follow her social media accounts.

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Is It Safe To Get Laser Skin Treatment On All Skin Colours?

Client safety and womens health is number one priority Havana Skin Clinic.  With any medical procedure, safety is an important question. The type of laser used and the person handling the device for laser hair removal make all the difference in the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. The Lightsheer Duet and the Nd Yag laser are the two options for body treatments and facial treatments on dark skin tone.   With today's advanced technologies, it’s surely safe to get laser treatments even if you have a dark skin. Here we will discuss the factors that make laser hair removal safe, and why Havana Skin Clinic can assure a safe and efficient laser hair treatment.

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How the Skin Colours Affects the Treatment?

The laser works, when we perform the procedure, by targeting the melanin or the pigment of the hair shaft. Thus, the color of the hair must be darker than the skin. The thickness of the hair must also meet the ideal width that the laser can be absorbed by the hair. During the consultation, factors like the skin colour, if the hair is blonde hair or dark hair and the thickness of hair are considered to determine what kind of approach will be used for the client. For clients with darker skin, a nd yag laser is used as this device can treat all types of skin and hair.

When working with darker skin types, the most crucial factor to consider is the duration of the laser penetrating the skin. The duration is counted per millisecond, where skin type 5 (dark skin tone) is usually treated with 400 milliseconds. Compared to hair removal treatments on lighter/Caucasian skin that’s treated with 30 milliseconds, darker skin types need longer laser duration to reach the hair follicle when removing unwanted hair.

Device Used for Treating Dark Skin

The Lightsheer Duet is the technology used by the Havana Skin Clinic for hair removal treatments. It’s a very safe device because it offers a wide range of milliseconds for each skin type. To safely, and efficiently treat hairs, Lightsheer Duet can deliver the most appropriate laser energy that fits the client’s skin. The device is safe to use for all skin types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Lightsheer Duet devices are the most advanced technologies available today.

Lightsheer Duet does not only deliver laser hair treatments that are safe and effective, it’s virtually painless as well. Because the technology has vacuum assist feature, it reduces the intensity of the laser heat, while maintaining its efficiency.

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Today, there are tons of different devices that are available in the market. When undergoing a laser hair treatment, it’s important that you know what device being used for the procedure. Outdated technologies typically use IPL for laser hair removal, which are not very effective in treating hairs. Devices with IPL disperses laser energy on a broad spectrum and different wavelengths. Meaning, these devices cannot accurately target hair to produce permanent results, instead it may even damage the hair.

When undergoing laser hair removal, make sure to choose a real laser. The gold standard in laser hair removal are the devices that use a diode laser, which the Lightsheer Duet has. This type of laser can safely treat all skin types, all skin colours, and can target hairs accurately due to its ideal wavelength. At the Havana Skin Clinic, they use only the latest devices for laser hair removal. Equipped with a diode laser and a vacuum assist technology, treatments performed at the Clinic for laser hair removal are painless, effective and produces permanent results.

Laser Hair Removal Legs for Women

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“Compared to waxing, it’s a walk in the park..”

Top Irish Beauty & Make -Up blogger, Bláthnaid Murphy, dropped by Havana Skin Clinic, Dundrum to start her journey of being hairless. She has become tired of the constant shaving and waxing and has made the decision to remove her hair permanently. Check it out to see how she got on.

Laser Hair Removal Underarms

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