Laser Hair Removal for Bikini

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Laser Hair Removal for Bikini -Delivers Permanent Results

What are the benefits of laser hair removal for bikini

Bikini. Shaving, waxing or using creams, none of these methods can deliver permanent results. Only laser hair removal for bikini can help you get rid of the hair on this area for good. With permanent results, you can save a ton of money from your regular wax treatments. You will no longer have to buy razors or hair removal creams, too. Most importantly, you will feel free, clean, and confident throughout the whole day. Laser hair removal can also heal ingrown hair or bumps that you can get with shaving or plucking.  This treatment is for you if you aim to have a silky smooth, and hair-free skin on your bikini for the rest of your life.

Laser Hair Removal for Bikini
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Laser Hair Removal for Bikini -
The Pain-Free Procedure

Unlike waxing, you need not to bite on a belt when undergoing laser hair removal for bikini. The procedure is pain-free, especially with the device that the Havana Skin Clinic uses. With a cutting-edge device called, LightSheer Duet by Lumenis, painless laser hair removal can be experienced.

LightSheer Duet has Vaccum Assisted Technology, which works impressively to reduce pain during laser hair removal. The slight vacuum delivered by this technology suppresses the nerve endings, resulting in less discomfort. Additionally, the laser does not travel through the nerves, so the patient feels more comfortable during the procedure. The Vaccum Assisted Technology simultaneously pulls the hair closer to the laser, which eliminates the need for an aggressive heat in order to be effective.

Aesthetic experts at Havana Skin Clinic are your assurance that laser hair removal treatments done with LightSheer Duet are more comfortable, and 75% faster compared with other laser devices. Other than that, LightSheer Duet provides safe procedures with minimal to no skin irritation, and zero downtime.  This means that the treatment can be done during your lunch break.

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Laser hair removal for bikini lower

Laser Hair Removal for Bikini -For All Skin Types

Havana Skin Clinic uses one of the latest technologies for laser hair removal for bikini. Using a cutting-edge equipped with a diode laser, the device can effectively remove hair on different skin types.

Older devices for laser hair removal may not be effective to darker skin types, as the laser targets the pigment of the hair so it can penetrate into the hair shaft. When older devices are used for dark skin, the laser may not be able to target the hair effectively, resulting in more sessions required and discomfort during the procedure. The Havana Skin Clinic is equipped only with the newest technology for laser hair removal to deliver safe and effective treatments. However, consultation prior to the procedure is still required, so that experts can assure that laser hair removal is the right procedure for the person and her concern. It’s during the consultation when the patient will be informed with everything about the procedure.

Learn more about laser hair removal by reaching out to Havana Skin Clinic’s numbers.

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Laser Hair Removal Bikini
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If you know how laser hair removal works, you probably know why many people consider to undergo this treatment. If don’t know yet, you came at the right place! Laser is the best treatment today that can remove hair in the bikini. It’s a safe procedure that can eliminate fuzz for good. If you haven’t heard about laser hair removal, here’s what you need to know.

Why people consider laser hair removal for bikini

Laser Hair Removal for Bikini

Due to Ingrown Hair

Having ingrown hairs is one of the worst consequences of shaving and waxing. Due to frequent shaving or waxing, the hairs get trapped under the skin that may result in permanent bumps that could get infected. Ingrown hairs can be difficult to treat. Because there is no way to pluck or remove the trapped hair out of the skin, the only way to cure it is to get it treated with laser hair removal. ingrown hairs on the bikini can be annoying, and can sometimes cause pain. It may also damage the skin permanently.

Due to Scars

Scars can happen when low quality razors are used for shaving. It can result in permanent scars. To avoid having scars, the best way is to undergo laser hair removal. This treatment results to permanent removal of hair. Therefore, you will no longer need to shave, saving the skin from having scars.

Due to Hyperpigmentation of Skin

Shaving and waxing can leave a dark shadow on the skin. Because the hair is not completely removed by shaving, the hair stays just below the epidermis that may cause the skin to look darker. Frequent shaving and waxing may also damage the skin, which can result in hyperpigmentation. Though sometimes the darkening of the skin is irreversible, in some cases it could be permanent if not treated with laser hair removal.

Types of Bikini

Laser Hair Removal for Bikini

Basic Bikini

In basic bikini, the laser is applied in the area that is one inch outside of the bikini line. The bikini line is the natural crease between the legs and the torso. Visible fuzz in front of the bikini and on the inner leg line is targeted by the laser for this treatment. Basic bikini isn’t a popular treatment for laser hair removal, as it doesn’t cover a large area.

Extended Bikini

Laser hair removal for the extended bikini covers all types of swimsuit. The treatment extends 2 inches on the side and the top part of the bikini line. For the treatment, the laser hair specialist often leaves a small part of hair, also known as the landing strip. The labia and the thong area are included in this treatment.

Brazilian Bikini

The Brazilian bikini is the most popular area for hair removal. For this type, patients can customize their treatment, and can tailor the style, whether they want to leave a small strip of hair on the front, or not. Because the Brazilian bikini can be tailored based on the patient’s aesthetic desires, styles vary greatly for this treatment. Thus, it’s advised that women must first shave the hair that they want to be removed, so the treatment will be done exactly how they expect it to turn out.

Hollywood Bikini

In the Hollywood laser hair removal, the entire area will be treated, removing all visible hairs. Any fuzz on the front, and back will be treated except on the shiny part of the skin near the labia. In Havana Skin Clinic, hairs that grow on the shiny skin are not treated because it can lead to burns, blisters or skin infection. The skin within this part of the bikini is extremely sensitive, which may be harmed when treated with a laser.

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