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What is involved in laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a progressively permanent procedure which kills unwanted hair with specifically designed laser technology.  The laser used in Havana Skin Clinic is the most advanced available in Ireland and that means that treatments are quicker and safer.

We are also constantly working on our procedures to ensure the safest possible environment for our clients.

What happens at the sessions?

We initially suggest a consultation with a therapist and a patch test to ensure suitability.  Once in the session begins your therapist will move an advanced laser over the area with unwanted hair to damage the hair bulb.  This permantly removes the hair over a number of sessions. 

The Deal

Today you can get 6 sessions on lip or any other small area €150.00, (normally €249). That is only €25 per session.

A small area is upper lip, chin, naval line, nipples, fingers, toes.

A large area is underarms, bikini line, forearms, front of neck, feet (including toes), abdomen, shoulders, upper, middle or lower back.

Laser Hair Removal for men

amazing offer

Get your underarm free when you book a course of 6 sessions

Laser For Women

Say goodbye to shaving, plucking, creams or waxing

Imagine not having to fiddle around with creams, shaving plucking or waxing ever again. Imagine having smooth silky skin all year round and not having any ingrown hairs, rashes or pimples. Imagine the money you will save in professional waxes and razors alone. Medical grade laser technology and hair removal were made for each other!

Using laser for hair removal is quick, hygienic and easy. It only takes approximately 5-10 minutes to treat your bikini line, underarms or your neck to get rid of annoying collar rash and ingrown hairs, or approximately 15-20 minutes to treat larger areas such as the legs, back or arms.

Thank you for so many wonderful comments

Niamh Moore

Great results after only 1 session, can't recommend enough. And Karen in the swords clinic is so so lovely, I was so nervous for my first session and she really put me at ease. Such a nice girl and great at her job

Niamh Moore

 Clíona Kelly

I had an amazing first consultation at Havana for all over body hair removal today � really informative + a patch test was carried out to ensure I don't have a reaction to the laser. Really excited to get started now, come next summer my skin will be as smooth as a baby's �

Clíona Kelly

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