The very beautiful Blathnaid Murphy ( @BlaMurphy ) has said goodbye to us!! ….

 Well for now anyway. 😉 For those of you who have been following our social media accounts and Blathnaid’s for that matter, you’ll know that she has been undergoing Laser Hair Removal with us for quite some time now. That’s not all, after obtaining blotches on her cheeks after having acne years prior, she decided to also avail of our micro needling treatment.

So why is Ireland’s most talented makeup artist leaving us? She’s heading to Ibiza for the summer but will be continuing her treatment a month after she returns home. CEO and Director, Caroline managed to grab Blathnaid for a quick chat before her third session of laser hair removal and here’s what they had to say.



So how is the treatment going up to this point?

She told us that the treatment was proving to be really effective up to this point and that she only had “something like 3 hairs left” on her underarms and patches of hair missing from everywhere else. Bearing in mind this is after 2 sessions, she’s experienced amazing results and must have caught most of the hair at the active stage of growth.


Blathnaid went onto tell Caroline that the hair that remained was much finer and less visible than before. This hair would have been in the second stage of growth during treatment and so the laser would have damaged it but not removed it.

She does however have some hair remaining that is still thick and coarse which indicates it was in the third stage of growth in both of her treatments up until now.


With Blathnaid heading to Ibiza for the summer, she did voice concerns about the hair thickening again while taking a break from her laser. The answer to that is, if she continually shaves the hair, over time, it will gradually become thicker but this would only happen over a few months not just days or weeks of shaving the remaining hair.


One option she can do is have a wax as this thins hair and she can of course go back to laser after this as long as her first laser session is at least one month after her last wax.

To see Caroline’s and Blathnaid’s full conversation, check out this video.

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