So why are we so fast at Laser Hair Removal?

Here at Havana Skin Clinic, we always get asked why we are so fast at Laser Hair Removal and the answer is simple and really a no brainer. After looking through our options, we knew that the LightSheer DUET by Lumenis was the only option.

Before weinline_323_ go any further, we should let you know that this blog is really useful for doctors, nurses or beauticians a like looking to choose a laser for their practise and of course anyone interested in laser hair removal or currently undergoing the treatment.

If you follow our You Tube channel, you would have seen us treat Kayleigh Bolger in just 20 minutes for lower leg, bikini and underarm laser hair removal with the LightSheer DUET by Lumenis. It is the safest, fastest and most effective technology in laser hair removal available on the market.


When choosing a method of laser hair removal that we would be using, we had the choice between the IPL and or to go with a laser and of course we chose the laser.

IPL is a shattered light so when energy is being dispersed from the hand piece, it is being absorbed superficially from the skin so it’s really good for treating pigmentation and vascular lesions on the surface of the skin, but it doesn’t have the ideal wave length to get down to where the melanin is contained in the hair shaft which means it’s not really appropriate for laser hair removal.

Once we realised that moving forward with a laser was the only option, we then had to decide which laser to go with. We had 3 choices to pick from, the diode, alexandrite or an Nd:yag. The diode laser stood out the most because it has the most ideal wave length for getting down to where the melanin is most present in the hair so with it being an 810 Nano metre in length compared to an alexandrite being 755 Nano metre wave length is the reason why we chose the diode.inline_443_

But why was the LightSheer DUET, the best diode laser on the market? Our clients will know the answer to this. Being a diode laser and it going that bit deeper into the skin, it passes the melanin in the skin and is a lot safer.


So when Caroline and the rest of the team were deciding which laser to go for, another big selling point for us was that the diode has patent vacuum technology that is built into the high speed hand piece which means we can treat a larger spot size and we can treat a full leg, bikini and underarm in as little as 30 minutes, very comfortably with very little pain. The reason for this is that the vacuum technology pulls our hair follicle close to the laser and so the intensity of the heat isn’t as aggressive as any other laser as any other laser or in fact the smaller hand piece that we would use for the facial area.

The vacuum technology also means that we are not going through your nerves to zap the hair follicle. So it is completely safer and more effective in treating all skin types.

We also loved thinline_62_ LightSheer DUET because of the dual hand piece, meaning that we also had a separate smaller hand piece to treat smaller areas like facial areas. As mentioned before, this doesn’t work using a vacuum technology like the larger hand piece, but it does have a chill tip that cools the area before zapping the hair as this laser has higher intensity.


For further details and to hear everything explained in more detail, take a look at this video we made with director, Caroline:

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