Looking for An Alternative to Laser Hair Removal?


Even though laser hair removal therapy has been around for a long time, many people are still afraid to try it. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to laser hair removal that can still be effective. At Havana Skin Clinic, we offer a variety of modern and traditional hair removal options to fit your needs. For a free consultation, call our number or visit one of our Dublin locations to get your favorite hair removal treatments today.

The Best Choices

  • Electrolysis: Electrolysis is a feasible alternative to laser hair removal. A thin metal probe is inserted into the skin during electrolysis. When the metal probe meets the hair follicle, it delivers an electric current to it. Hair growth is permanently halted after the hair-producing cells are completely killed. Electrolysis, on the other hand, is both painful and costly. There is also a range of security issues associated with it. Intense Pulsed Light is also a similar new technology that attacks the hair follicle with light beams to inhibit hair growth. However, it might not be sufficient for all. It is also a bit expensive.
  • Removal Tools: In this process, the lotion is generously applied after extracting the hair from a specific skin region to avoid hair growth for a limited period. This can be a painful procedure but if you don’t want to shave every week, this procedure will remove hair for up to four weeks, which can still be an effective solution. Hair takes longer to regrow since it is separated from the root. Epilation may cause hair to regrow softer and finer than before. Strands can become less visible over time.

Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal


  • Shaving: Shaving is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to get rid of hair and get on with your day. A built-in blade raises and removes hair at the skin’s surface, whether you’re using a disposable shaver or an electric shaver. Shaving can be used on the legs, arms, armpits, face, and bikini area, among other parts of the body. Upper lips, chins, eyebrows, and sideburns will all benefit from them. The consequences, however, aren’t permanent or long-lasting. You’ll have to re-shave after one to three days if you want to keep your face hair-free.
  • Waxing: Waxing the hair is an effective way to minimize hair growth. Waxing, unlike lasers, does not affect cells, and dermatologists believe that it encourages hair growth by increasing blood flow in the hair follicle. Waxing, on the other hand, extracts dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and glowing.
  • Tweezing: This approach differs from shaving in a few ways. Tweezers are made to pluck or pull hair from the roots rather than cutting it with a razor blade. It’s a quick and easy way to get rid of facial hair. Using a small tool to pluck your hair from the root is a time-consuming operation. Tweezing is also related to hair growth on the surface of the skin. Tweezing, on the other hand, is healthy if performed correctly. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it isn’t necessarily painful. If you’re in pain, add an ice cube to the affected area to minimize discomfort and redness.
  • Depilatory Creams: Another choice for eliminating facial hair is to use depilatory creams. The effects may last longer than shaving, and it is also less costly. Chemicals in these creams, such as sodium, titanium dioxide, and barium sulfide, break down proteins in hair, causing it to melt and wash away quickly. Although these ingredients are usually healthy, there is a likelihood of a reaction. These products come in gel, cream, and lotion varieties. Although these creams may be used to remove hair from any part of the body, some are specifically made for facial hair removal. This means they also moisturize, exfoliate, and smooth the skin.
  • Hair Pads & Threading: These pads contain a holder on the backside and sandpaper-like material on the inner side. In circular movements, the inner side is softly rubbed on the skin. It shaves the hair and exfoliates the skin. This procedure, on the other hand, is only successful on thin hair and involves massaging components that can help increase blood flow to the region and make the skin look refreshed. Using a thread scissor to pluck the hair is another popular method. This technique works on all styles of hair. It is, however, painful and may cut the top layer of the skin.

These are all your best alternatives to Laser Hair Removal. Although not all of them are recommended, some of them work quite efficiently. Visit our clinic and our experts will suggest you your most suited alternative evaluating your hair and skins.

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