DermaPlump! What is it?!!

To summarize it really simply, the DermaPlump is an at home micro needling device which causes minor trauma to the skin and promotes our bodies natural healing ability to create fresh plump skin.

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What does the DermaPlump do?In a nutshell......

Rolling hundreds of tiny needles all over your face might sound like some sort of self harm but it inflicts very little pain and discomfort to the skin while resulting in a multitude of benefits. While overall improving our skins health, it also gives us more out of our products as we're breaking the skins greatest barrier and allowing our products to penetrate that bit deeper. Allowing our products to go further isn't the only way micro needling helps improve our skins health, the main core benefit of carrying out this treatment is giving your collagen and elastin that kick they need to do their job while promoting the bodies natural healing ability and creating fresh, plump skin and lips.

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The At Home Micro Needling Device - The DermaPlump

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