Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a process in which laser light targets the root of unwanted hair. The procedure can be used to remove any type of hair from anywhere on the body, including facial areas such as the upper lip, chin and sideburns. It is often considered more effective than other forms of hair removal because it removes hairs by targeting their roots rather than just cutting off the ends like waxing or plucking does.

Laser treatments are also gentler on the skin and typically require less maintenance time since they prevent regrowth in most cases. This treatment has been shown to reduce embarrassing stubble in women’s bikini lines when shaving is not an option, too!

A Safe And Effective Way

It is one of the best ways to remove hair because the laser targets the dark pigment in the hair follicle, not skin tissue. The laser also reduces the number of pimples on your face after getting rid of unwanted hairs.

The laser works by passing a high powered beam of light through the skin. When it reaches the level where the hair is closest to the surface, it attacks and starts to decompose this dark pigment or melanin which gives our hair its color. The laser remains effective only as long as there is enough melanin in the follicle because once all melanin has been destroyed, no more will grow and your hair removal process is complete.

The best thing about this treatment is that it can be used on almost any part of your body and face with few exceptions such as some parts around eyes, open sores like acne and scars may not be good candidates for this kind of 

Laser Treatments Are Painless – You Won’t Feel Anything During The Procedure

You Don’t Have To Shave As Often

You don’t have to shave as often if you’re getting laser treatments done regularly because it slows down regrowth rates. You don’t have to shave or wax your legs, chin, upper lip etc. for 6-12 weeks after each treatment.

Final Thought

Laser treatments are a safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair from any part of your body. It is one of the best ways to remove hair because it targets the dark pigment in an individual’s follicles, not skin tissue! The laser also reduces the number of pimples you might get after getting rid of unwanted hairs. 

Laser treatments can be performed on almost any area with few exceptions such as some parts around the eyes, open sores like acne or scars may not be good candidates for this kind of treatment. You will notice that there are reduced regrowth rates while you enjoy smooth skin during this period too! If all these benefits sound appealing to you then visit our website today – we have a team ready and waiting to partner with you so you can get your desired results.

Botox & Filler – Can You Derma-roll After Getting Them

Botox & Filler - Can You Derma-roll After Getting Them

Derma rolling is a procedure you can do at home to get rid primarily of fine lines and wrinkles but while it is pretty convenient and efficient the process doesn’t actually start or stop the moment you start rolling or the time you put down the device. 

What we mean to say is that you need to observe a few pre and post-treatment procedures for derma rolling to be effective and so your skin won’t suffer from any mishaps. 

One common question we receive is that if it’s alright to derma roll right after you’ve had certain procedures like Botox and filler. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out!

What are Botox and fillers?

Botox is this purified form of a bacteria obtained botulinum toxin. This otherwise deadly toxin in large amounts has been utilized when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles in the aesthetic or cosmetic industry. Botox is such a popular procedure that you see the effects of its day in and day out, especially with known celebrities. 

So, how does it really work? Well, Botox is used to block nerve signals in the muscles where it is injected in, and in turn, once these signals are effectively interrupted, they are frozen or paralyzed temporarily. This is where wrinkles are softened, reduced, or in some instances removed altogether. 

Botox works best on certain wrinkles that are the product of muscle movement or what you call dynamic wrinkles. Botox works best on the upper face area where you’ll have lines that have been caused by different facial expressions throughout the years. 

It’s important to take note though that Botox does not really work on fine lines caused by sagging and Botox is not a permanent treatment and needs to be done over and over again. 

What are fillers or what is commonly called dermal fillers? Well, dermal fillers are these substances that are injected into the surface of the skin for additional volume or fullness. Substances will vary and this procedure works for a variety of cosmetic needs ad enhancements. 

Derma rolling overview

All right, now that you’ve had your crash course on what Botox and dermal fillers are then we’ll have a little bit of review too about derma rolling. This will better help us understand the answer to our question later on. 

Derma rolling is essentially a process of using what you call these micro-needles about 0.2mm to 3.0mm in length to create tiny punctures in your skin to trigger it to making newer and healthier layers. This process eventually gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles and is something that anyone can do at home. 

After the process, your skin should be much more supple, firm, and elastic. Now, is it painful? Well, not really, anything below the needle length of 0.5mm is essentially pain-free but anything lengthier than that should be done by professionals

And yes, you may roll on multiple parts of your body and not just on your face. 

So, if you are someone who just underwent Botox or just got some dermal filler procedure done, can you derma roll right after?

Well, the answer is NO. It is not recommended at all. Not if you want to reverse the effects of the aforementioned procedure or worse risk damaging your skin. You see after derma rolling, your skin is quite delicate and sensitive and that you are not even allowed to put on makeup at all. 

The process may be pain-free or simple but if you just got treated with Botox or dermal fillers then it can be quite risky and dangerous. If you want your skin to respond better or achieve the best results after your treatments then be sure to derma roll after the recommended number of days by your specialist

Some other dos and don’ts after Botox

• After any Botox treatment is not advisable for you to apply any pressure at all to your skin or face. This is especially true in the areas where Botox was specifically applied. No massaging, applying makeup, or even rubbing on the applied areas. Needless to say, it’s a no-no for derma rolling. 

• Strenuous exercise should also be avoided at least for the next 24 hours. 

• Other facial procedures other than microneedling like microdermabrasion and chemical peels are to be avoided. No matter how gentle or mildly invasive said procedures are make sure to avoid them completely after a Botox treatment.

• After said treatment, you will also experience bruising. Your first instinct would be to go grab an over-the-counter pain medication but you need to avoid it as much as you can as these types of medicine will rather contribute to the bruising and delay healing. 

• Try to sleep on your back at least for the night after your Botox treatment and please, avoid getting one if you are pregnant. 

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Laser Hair Removal Full Body – Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Laser hair removal procedure is so in-demand nowadays that one might wonder as to why someone would want to undertake it, to begin with. Don’t we need hair to insulate our bodies? Well, for some it’s a beauty regimen but really experts recommend it for its more benefits than meets the eye.  

So, we bet that you are curious about it too knowing that you’ve stumbled upon our little blog article. What is full body laser hair removal and what are its benefits? Why do so many people (you may know) avail of it? Let’s find out!

Laser Hair Removal Overview

Laser hair removal is arguably the most popular non-surgical procedure in the aesthetic industry. The main reason for this is that it’s very effective. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that the procedure’s results are not something that you as a client can affect. 

A better understanding of this is if you take a look at some non-surgical weight loss procedures. Those can be performed successfully but if you don’t go by your diet plan the results would be far from what you might have expected. 

When it comes to laser hair removal, the results are within the hands of the specialist who’s going to work on you and at the same time, the devices they use and the methodologies they follow. 

In essence, laser hair removal is the procedure where your hair follicles are exposed to pulses or laser light to destroy them essentially removing them. For the past decade or so it has been the go-to hair removal procedure as opposed to traditional ones. It has been commercially available since the 90s but we can say that it only took off in the past decade with the advancement of technologies used for it. 

What deters people from getting a full body laser hair removal done?

Perhaps the biggest reason why some would not undergo laser hair removal is because of the notion that it can be painful. And yes, it can be painful but if you find the right clinic and experts then it shouldn’t be. 

If the procedure is painful then most likely you went to someone or a place where they use cheaper devices and still employ the old techniques. If you are willing to pay just for a little bit more for laser hair removal then you will find procedures that are not painful at all. 

With the advent of newer laser hair removal devices, the process is practically pain-free. Well, of course, people tolerate pain differently so you still need to take that into consideration. But, generally, it should not be as painful as it used to be.

This is because of the fact that modern devices do not use heat aggressively as the old ones do anymore and so it breaks down your hair follicles efficiently and virtually pain-free. If done in a much more methodical manner then you should be all right. 

Benefits of laser hair removal

• No more ingrown hair. After waxing, shaving, or epilating, in-grown hair comes next. And, that can prove to be a nightmare for a lot of people. If you undergo laser hair removal then you won’t have to suffer from ingrown hair anymore. The hair is removed right into the roots so it’s a much more efficient process. Also, say goodbye to razor bruises and burns from waxing. Pretty neat, huh? 

• Your skin will be softer than it used to be. No more prickly stubble patches only softer skin throughout after the procedure. The process is so thorough that you won’t have any stray hairs anywhere. What’s more, is that when your hair grows back that it should be thinner and softer than usual. Thick hair leaves your skin rough and that’s not good.

• No harmful side effects. Laser hair removal is popular for a lot of reasons and one of them is that because you won’t experience any skin problems like scars or irritation afterwards. No danger of cutting or bruising and that’s always desirable. It’s basically a no-mess procedure that can be carried out throughout your body

• The results are long-lasting. Laser hair removal ensures that your skin and hair if it grows back will be better. Hair, after your procedure, should not grow back after months. It’s like you are in the process of getting rid of hair all over your body for good. 

• It’s not restrictive. Unlike waxing, you are allowed to shave your hair early on as it grows if in some instances you really need to or want to. In waxing, you need to wait for hair to grow a certain length before you can shave but with laser hair removal, you can do so anytime. Plus, it’s just a faster and more efficient process and if done right by the right people, all these benefits you will have. 

Laser on the Lips Is It Safe – Laser Hair Removal Brazilian Bikini

Laser Hair Removal Brazilian Bikini

When we talk about full body hair removal, we need to talk about removing hair in the genitals area or going full Brazilian bikini procedure. This is one of the most delicate parts of our body that we are going to remove hair from and actually, something that you can take advantage of if you’re going to go for laser hair removal. 

So, the question here is that is it safe to do a full laser hair removal on the lips area. Well, yes, it’s a procedure that laser hair removal devices can work on efficiently and it’s one of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself. 

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal is the process of removing all or almost all of your pubic hair. As compared to waxing or shaving, it’s a somewhat more permanent hair removal procedure.

The laser utilized, targets your hair follicles as it emits light energy and puts a stop to hair growth. So, if you’ve always dreamt about having smooth skin all over then maybe it’s time for you to take advantage of a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment.  

Who’s Suitable to Avail of a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

Well, there’s this notion that Brazilian laser hair removal is only for women. No, that is incorrect, men can also take advantage of it. And, literally, anyone can avail of the treatment but please do take note that the results may not be as efficient when it comes to people with lighter hair colour or those with thinner hair strands. 

The thicker the hair and the darker its colour the more effective the procedure would be. Brazilian laser hair removal is first and foremost hygienic, effective, and at the same time, it creates long-lasting results. 

Advantages of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 

So, what are the advantages of undergoing a Brazilian laser hair removal procedure? 

• You say goodbye to shaving and waxing! Ain’t that a major benefit, right? You know how annoying shaving and waxing your pubic area can be and so if you can do away with these habits then the better. Plus, you get all sorts of skin irritations or side effects with shaving and waxing like cuts, bruises, and burns. So, sayonara shaving and waxing should you decide to get on the Brazilian laser hair removal bandwagon.

• Brazilian laser hair removal ensures long lasting results and so you won’t have to worry about anything growing in your pubic area for perhaps a very long while. 

• No side effects whatsoever. As mentioned, you won’t have to deal with any cuts, bruises, or burns in this process, although it’s using some amount of heat, it’s not as aggressive as long as the right device is used (more on that later). Also, no skin irritation or other skin problems too right after treatment. 

• It’s fast and more efficient. As mentioned, it’s perfectly safe to go get your lips area treated as it’s completely safe. Also, the process does not last longer than maybe say an hour and it covers your pubic area rather efficiently. 

• With all these benefits you get some savings on top of it. It might be a bit costly upfront but in the long run, Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are cost-effective. 

Please do take note that the innermost area of your lips right at the saggy part cannot be subject to this treatment. Any legitimate clinics or specialists would tell you that and if someone tells you otherwise then you need to get out of that facility right away as that screams dangers and questions their credibility. That delicate and sensitive area cannot be subject to a Brazilian laser hair removal procedure, we repeat.

And more on this subject, the reason why you can’t get that area treated is that it’s just too delicate that it can’t take the heat and from that, a lot of potential infections or complications can happen and you can only imagine how that can turn out for you. 

Tips When Undergoing Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

• Avoid plucking or waxing your bikini area about 6 weeks before your planned treatment. You may shave the treatment area in whatever style you desire 24 hours before your hair removal. This is also part of the process where you tell your specialist which areas to work on and which part to leave out.

• Don’t worry because before the treatment a cooling method will be implemented to your bikini area so you’ll be nice and cool throughout. It’s not as painful as it sounds depending on the device or expertise of the one working on you. 

• Swelling is completely normal after the procedure, don’t worry about it and just use Aloe Vera gel and you should be all right. Your medical practitioner will give you full instructions for aftercare. 


Can I Wear Makeup after Derma Rolling | Derma Rolling with Makeup

Can I Wear Makeup after Derma Rolling

Derma rolling certain areas of your skin when needed is one of the best ways that you can help it, in a way, regenerate and give you that youthful glow once again. Derma rolling is the top home or DIY way to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles just to mention a few. 

But what’s going to make the process more effective especially if you do it by yourself and not go to specialists is knowing what to do before and most especially after the DIY procedure. A lot of people ask, can I wear makeup after derma rolling? 

Well, let’s answer that question and more in this quick blog.

Overview of Derma Rolling

Derma rolling or what you may also call micro-needling is a process of using a handheld device called derma roller that uses tiny needles of about 0.2mm to 3.0mm to puncture your skin gently to give way for newer and healthier skin layers to grow. 

So, yes in a way your skin will be delicate and sensitive after the procedure but no, the process is not as hurtful as you might think. Anything below 0.5mm is considered to be really gentle and as a matter of fact, the recommended needle length for in-home treatments. But please do take note that anything over 0.5mm should be done by a specialist as A) it could hurt and B) dangerous if you do it yourself. You don’t want to put your skin at risk of any damage. 

So, that’s pretty much what derma rolling is all about and it’s a proven methodology on renewing the glow of your skin which a lot of people with acne marks can really benefit from or maybe those who want to get rid of that nasty stretch mark. 

Things You Should Remember After Derma Rolling

Now, the big question here is that if someone can wear makeup after derma rolling, say for example you need to go somewhere and you just derma rolled. Well, the answer to that is no, but there is a way around it. 

It’s actually not even advisable for someone to wear makeup the same day that they plan to derma roll. If you plan to derma roll make sure you wash your face thoroughly and of course, clean your derma roller too (and also after and right away).

And take note that you cannot put on any makeup two days after you’ve derma rolled. After that then it should be fine. You need to remember that your skin after the procedure is once again pretty delicate and sensitive and might be irritated or damaged if you put any chemicals on your face right after the process. So no, makeup is pretty much not allowed after derma rolling. 

So, it would be wise to make sure that you don’t have an appointment in the next 48 hours after you’ve derma rolled that you won’t have to put on any makeup. 

Now, for the work around that we’ve mentioned above. If you really need to put on some makeup after you’ve derma rolled then you can use mineral makeup. To those who are not familiar, mineral makeup utilizes minerals instead of synthetic ingredients used by traditional makeup. 

This is due to the fact that mineral makeup doesn’t seep into your pores and so it won’t be as aggressive or detrimental to your recovering skin. It even allows your skin to breathe and offers additional layers of protection. Plus, mineral makeup has got SPF which you actually need to protect your delicate skin after you’ve derma rolled which covers another important thing that you need to do after the said procedure. 

It’s also imperative that you clean your derma roller immediately after usage and get it ready for your next session. And yes, you may utilize your derma roller for a lot of parts of your body. Your face, neck, tummy, or thighs are all applicable areas. 

Most would work on their forehead, nose, areas around the eyes, cheeks, areas around the lips, chin, and neck but you may also work on other parts of your body especially for stretch marks. 


How often do I replace my derma roller?

Depending on how often you utilize your derma roller you may replace it every 2 months given that you may use your derma roll about 8 to 12 times. How often you derma roll would really depend, you can do it once every 6 months or monthly or even weekly. 

Can I derma roll over acne?

No, it’s utilized to help with acne scarring but you should never derma roll a part of your skin with acne as that would aggravate it. 

Are results immediate?

As a matter of fact, yes!


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Cleaning Your Derma Roller & Why It Is Crucial To Do So!

Cleaning Your Derma Roller

Cleaning your derma roller is so important when rolling. Derma rollers get into the delicate layers of our skin and so it is only important that we ensure that it’s clean before it ever touches us. Using an unclean derma roller would result in skin irritation and worse infections that might be hard to recover from. 

This is an efficient and easy way to get that youthful glow back and so we need to make sure that we follow all the appropriate steps necessary. Read on and learn a few tricks and tips that we will impart about derma rollers and derma rolling. Here’s how to clean a derma roller before us. 

Cleaning your derma roller is not that challenging but it’s important that you do what we call double cleansing. That should be pretty straightforward, clean your derma roller twice after use just to be sure. 

All you have to do is to boil water and to ensure that your boiling water is poured directly into the roller (and yes, it can handle the heat) as it turns and let said boiling water clean it thoroughly. Please do observe precautions to protect yourself from boiling water. Make sure to be thorough with the cleaning process and right after make sure to dry it and put it on its proper container ready for next usage. 

Now, we do advise that you change your derma roller after 1 to 2 months depending on how often you utilize it. The reason being is that the needles will accumulate more blood and the device will accumulate bacteria even if you clean it thoroughly after every usage. It can’t last forever and you should buy a new one accordingly. It’s not even a negotiation. 

Take note that the device punctures your skin and you don’t want to push harmful substances or particles into your skin as you treat it. That will utterly be counterproductive and you will put yourself at risk of infections and complications that will then cost you more money. 

And yes, you can use the derma roller on varying body parts and not only limited to your face or neck areas. And you should see results even after only the first treatment session. It’s very effective, easy, and you can do it on your own at home. Please do take note that a needle length of over 0.5mm needs to be performed by a specialist in a clinic for your safety. 

Benefits of Derma Rolling

There are tons of benefits to derma rolling and there’s no reason why you should not try it out. Stop putting off buying one and get on the bandwagon. 

It’s essentially pain free. Unlike the popular notion that micro needling can be painful, it is otherwise, pain free. As a matter of fact, if you use a derma roller with a needle of 0.2mm or 0.25mm that would be too superficial for you to feel any pain at all but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be effective.  

• It’s affordable and efficient. Derma rollers will cover a ton of skin areas in your body and this tiny handheld device is not that expensive either. It will boost your confidence greatly and with that added belief in yourself, in turn, you will be more productive day in and day out. 

• It does not have any side effects. Derma rollers if done right will not have any adverse side effects at all. There shouldn’t be any skin irritation or problems after sessions. 

• It will help get rid of fine lines that even Botox can’t. Also, it’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of wrinkles and it will help out those who have stretch marks and acne scars too. 

• You can use the derma roller anytime you need to. You are in control and can do the treatment in the comfort of your home. Nothing fancy, just a small handheld device. 

Some Other Tips When Handling a Derma Roller

Aside from cleaning your derma roller after every usage you also have to ensure that your face is dry and clean before starting any session.

• Please refrain from using your derma roller right after having Botox or dermal fillers.

• Make sure to not apply any makeup on your face as much as possible after using the derma roller either. If you need to go out, please apply an SPF on your face to protect your skin. Your skin will be very gentle and delicate after every session and you should protect it from all harmful elements as much as possible. 

• Any skin care products with active ingredients should be set aside and only applied again on your skin after 2 full days. 

• And please, do not use the derma roller over acne or any sore spots on your skin. Please consult your specialists for any other circumstances or when in doubt. 


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Full Body Laser Hair Removal – How Painful Will it Get during Treatment

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full body laser hair removal is something that a lot of people plan to undertake but are oftentimes discouraged to do so with one question in their minds – is it really painful?

Well, the answer to that is yes and no. It all depends on a few factors that you’re going to have to consider should you decide to go for a full body laser hair removal done. What are these factors, you ask? For one, you need to decide where to get the treatment from and two, it would depend on the device (or process) that the said treatment center employs for the procedure.

If a clinic is not as updated with the latest techniques and is not using the latest devices to perform a full body hair removal procedure then it might be painful. Otherwise, there are newer techniques and devices employed nowadays by top skin and hair clinics that would render this procedure pain free

Why it can be Painful?

Once again, a full body laser hair removal can be painful if the procedure is performed by those who are using cheap devices or outdated methodologies. You need to take note that when it comes to laser hair removal, there are tons of devices out there for sale and most of the time, these cheap devices are the culprit on painful treatments. 

So, please be wary if the clinic offers unreasonably low prices for most often than none, they are not that updated or are real experts on the procedure and it’s also possible that they use really cheap devices.

Why it can Also be Pain Free?

Well, it will be pain free, and we are not exaggerating, if the clinic employs newer methodologies, are real experts of laser hair removal, and utilizes the latest (not a cheap) device for the procedure.

So, when it comes to full body laser hair removal, make sure that you go to specialists and just be ready to spend just a tad bit more if you want to experience as much pain as possible and for the best results

What is This Pain Free Device You are Talking About?

All right, as we’ve mentioned, there are a couple of factors that would make your procedure as painless as possible 1) the technique employed and 2) the device utilizedLet’s discuss the device experts use for full body laser hair removal today the LightSheer Duet!

The LightSheer Duet is the top choice for specialists and on top of the market right now due to its ability to lessen the pain experienced significantly during hair removal procedures.  Well, it’s not only pain free but relatively comfortable. What makes the treatment pain free is the Vacuum Assisted Technology onboard on the LightSheer Duet device (by Lumenis). Now, how does that technology work?

Well, the vacuum that this device delivers is responsible for suppressing your nerve endings that renders hair removal pain free. The added comfort is due to the fact that the laser does not go through your nerves.  Because of this technology, the amount of heat employed in the hair removal procedure also does not need to be extreme just like in older or cheap devices. Procedures done using the LightSheer Duet is also 75% faster and are 100% safe for everyone without any risk of skin irritation at all. 

Most of the time what makes such a procedure painful is due to the aggressive heat that’s used by the devices and with the LightSheer Duet, you won’t have to experience that and with real hair removal specialists, you are in good hands. 

This is the ultimate solution that you can go for and avoid having to go waxing your hair off of your body which is ultra-painful if you ask us. So, once again, go to the right clinic that only uses the most modern techniques and devices for your full body laser hair removal. 

So, How Painful is a Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

Well, it turns out, not that much if you go to the right place. But of course, let us take into consideration that people differ in their tolerance for pain. But, in general, with the newer techniques and devices, the pain should be significantly less. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful, it should be pretty much only around 2 at most.  

Benefits of Full Body Laser Hair Removal

How to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles At Home | Derma Rolling Micro Needling

How to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles At Home

There are a lot of ways on how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles at home. You don’t need to go to a fancy skincare clinic every time, you just need to be resourceful and do the necessary research for the best results. 

Let’s talk about one of the best and affordable ways to get your youthful glow back and we are talking about none other than derma rolling. Just what is a dermaroller? Well, let’s all find out! 

What is a Dermaroller?

A dermaroller is described as a needling roller device that is handheld. As you might expect, it is the device you roll on your face to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Wait, that sounds painful, right?

Well, not really. A dermaroller works by creating tiny punctures on your skin that lead to eventual skin repair. This is a procedure that actually directs the body to create new collagen. Amino acids then build up in the newly formed collagen and then the connective tissues help in the tightening of your skin as well as helping it getting firm, supple, and elastic. 

In short, the process deliberately injures the skin so that in the healing process you get a much better and younger complexion. And, this process (in our biology) is nothing new. The reason why weightlifting is such an effective way to get stronger and better muscles is that it tears your (existing) muscles apart and as it heals it grows new tissues that are stronger.

But you said this wasn’t painful, right? Yes, it isn’t. Derma rollers won’t pierce your skin that deep for you to feel any pain. It sounds pretty harsh but it’s actually pretty gentle. But we do admit that there are instances that experts would use longer needles and that might hurt a little bit if required. But don’t worry, numbing creams are available to alleviate any pain. 

How Does it Work? 

The first thing that you have to know is the dermarollers come in multiple needle sizes. From the smallest of 0.2mm to the largest at 3.0mm. Now, please be very careful when it comes to using a dermaroller at home. 

While we encourage DIY reduction of your fine lines and wrinkles you also need to be aware that anything more than 0.5mm should be done by a professional. Anything below then it should be safe for you to do at home. 

Now, how to use it is to just simply roll the device gently onto your skin. It is recommended that you roll over certain spots like 8 to 10 times. There’s no fixed direction of the motion, up, down, or diagonal as long as you don’t overdo it and you get thorough with the strokes then that should be all right.

Take note that as soon as your skin becomes irritated then most likely, you are applying way too much pressure than what is necessary. Try to use a Hyaluronic serum if you want, it’s not recommended but it could better the results. 

Some precautions:

We also recommended that you replace your dermaroller after every 30 to 60 days depending on the frequency of your usage. The needles wear out and so that would not be too safe for your skin when it’s overused. 

What are the Benefits of Derma Rolling?

Those who have acne scars are the ones who will benefit the most from dermarolling and of course, those who aim to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and on top of it all, you guys can do it in the comfort of your homes. 

It’s a simple process but very efficient and does a lot of good for anyone. Dermarollers are also quite effective when it comes to kissing stretch marks goodbye. Dermarollers are also the go-to handheld and DIY device when it comes to hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones. 

Your face, neck, jawline, platysma, and chest areas are all go-zones when it comes to dermarolling. Dermarollers will also help you out with open, large, and block pores. That’s a lot of function for such a small and affordable device, right?

But please, before you use it on any parts of your body, do the needed research and learn how to use it properly

Please also take note that after you’ve utilized a dermaroller on your skin it will all be tender. That’s normal and nothing to be afraid of. You’ve essentially just shed some skin layers so give it time to heal for now.


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Laser Hair Removal – Why Is It A Great Option

When you want to get rid of extra hair on your legs, underarms, face, arms, or bikini line, you have several options. While waxing and shaving are some of the most common treatments, they’re not without problems.

Waxing requires you to grow your hair long enough to make the procedure effective, which can mean you have to put up with several days of fuzz and hair. Shaving requires more frequent timing to prevent visible hair. Both solutions require regular upkeep to remain effective and the recurring costs can add up over time.

Choosing laser hair removal over other techniques has many benefits. In this article, we will discuss the common reasons why you may want to consider laser hair removal and why is it a great option for you.

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Laser Hair Removal - Why Is It A Great Option

1. Laser hair removal is cost-effective

Sure, laser hair removal comes with a high upfront price tag – but think about the hair removal methods you use on a weekly or even daily basis. From regular wax treatments to shaving creams to razors and at-home hair removal treatments, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars per year to keep your unwanted

Laser hair removal is a smart investment, both in time and money. While laser hair removal may cost more at first, you only pay once for a treatment that lasts for very long time. Plus, you will save yourself lots of time that you would otherwise spend covered in shaving cream or peeling off wax strips.

2. Laser hair removal is more precise

When you shave or go for a waxing appointment, you’re only removing the hair that you can see. This makes it very easy for the unwanted hair to grow back and for you to miss a few embarrassing follicles. However, laser hair removal is much more precise – this procedure targets hairs down at the follicle. As a result, laser hair removal leaves little room for strays and allows for longer lasting results.

3. You can opt for laser hair removal at any time

Waiting for wax treatments can be a pain, since you can only go to an appointment if you have surface hair. Plus, you may feel a bit of embarrassment watching those hairs grow in.

With laser hair removal, you can stay baby smooth and receive the treatment at the same time – in fact, your laser hair expert will recommend that you shave before each of your sessions! Whatever stage you are at with your growth, you can make an appointment for your laser hair removal.

4. Laser hair removal is fast and effective

One of the most incredible benefits of laser hair removal is how fast and effective the treatment is. Most patients at Laser Partners experience permanent hair removal between 3 to 7 laser removal sessions, reducing the need of hair removal for good. Although you may have to attend multiple appointments, laser hair removal treatments are very fast – especially compared to all the time you will usually spend shaving or in wax appointments. The total time will depend on the size of the area you are treating, but it can take as little as 20 minutes for the armpits or bikini line to 60 minutes for the back or legs.

5. Laser hair removal doesn’t leave ingrown hairs or razor burns

One of the worst parts of waxing, threading, or epilating your unwanted hairs? The painful, unsightly, and irritating ingrown hairs that these treatments leave behind. And shaving doesn’t give as much relief either – when you shave, you have to deal with razor burns, irritation, and nasty nicks. However, when you choose laser hair removal, you do not have to deal with these painful side effects and even improve your ingrown hair situation.


6. Laser hair removal has minimal side effects

Laser hair removal does involve a few minor side effects, as does all hair removal procedures, but many patients do not see any side effects at all. Those who do experience side effects only experience them for a few days or less. Compared to traditional hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing, you will significantly limit your chances of developing redness, irritation, scarring, swelling, or blistering.


7. You can remove hair from anywhere

Shaving and waxing does not work for every part of the body – in fact, performing the wrong hair removal procedure on the wrong body part can lead to irritation and pain. With laser hair removal, you can receive the treatment on any part of the body. You can remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas such as your face, underarms, or bikini line, or from larger areas such as your legs, arms, or back.

Who is the best candidate for laser hair removal?

This treatment can help reduce hair for many different people. Still, certain combinations of skin tone and hair type are going to respond better than others. The laser targets melanin, which is what gives hair and skin its color. It is easier for the laser to do its job if there is a dramatic difference between the color of the hair and the color of the skin. If you are someone with pale skin and dark hair, you may be an ideal candidate for this treatment.

Thanks to advances in the technology used, laser hair removal is becoming more effective for those with lighter hair. Those with darker skin tones are now able to have some success with this method as well, although their results are typically not as dramatic. Results vary from patient to patient, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Few Final Thoughts

When you compare laser hair removal to waxing and shaving, it’s obvious which one brings the best results and satisfaction. Forget about the other choices and start reaping the benefits of laser hair removal today!

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