Becca Gillen is a fitness fanatic and foodie from Galway who began her laser hair removal journey with us in November of last year.

inline_59_ young personal trainer has been busy with everything fitness after returning home from London where she lived and worked as a paediatric nurse. While being in London, Becca’s passion for fitness grew and grew which resulted in the decision to return home to pursue her career in fitness and personal training. Going from London city to Galway was a dramatic change so Becca decided that a move to Dublin was in order.

Becca’s Instagram grew with her passion for fitness. She used her Instagram as her own personal diary for healthy recipes and home work out routines so that when she was in need of some inspiration or in fact just couldn’t remember the work outs she had done, she could look back and remind herself.

Becca spoke to our team passionately about how she knows all too well that there truly are no excuses for not working out or healthy eating as on arrival to Dublin, she had €800 euro to last her with no job or in fact any sign of a job and so had to live on a full budget of €22 euro a week. She reminisced about a time she no money to join a gym and so made do with sand bags and whatever else was around the house/garage.

She truly is a breath of fresh air and an absolute pleasure to be around.

For Becca’s full story, check out this video we made with her lats week before her 3rd session of laser hair removal;

Link to Video

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