How do I know if I’m suitable for laser hair removal?

The best and only way to distinguish if someone is a suitable candidate for laser hair removal is through an informative consultation. In the consultations we would:

Ask some questions to assess the skin type, luckily our LightSheer DUET laser by Lumenis can treat all skin types so we just need to identify what skin type the client is for the settings we’ll be using during treatment.

Another massive factor that comes into play is medical history so we will ask the client questions about medication and their medical history as being on certain medication means that they will not be able to undergo the treatment. This is something that we will touch on throughout the treatment as for example, if a client began a course of antibiotics and was due to have a session of laser hair removal, we would have to push the appointment back to a different date to when they were finished the antibiotic.

We would then assess the hair and ensure that the hair is suitable for laser hair removal. The laser that we use can treat all hair types other than blonde hair and grey hair so it can be successful in treating red hair whereas most technologies can’t.

Most people are suitable for laser hair removal with our technology, the most popular factor which stops anyone going ahead with treatment is medication.

Watch the full video here to hear all the facts explained in further depth,


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