The review by Danielle Olivierre on laser hair removal was interesting as it was both one of the worst and best we’ve received of the treatment…

So let’s start with why it was one of the worst…

Pain! She rated it the highest in pain out of everyone we’ve asked so far for laser hair removal. She gave the bikini area a whopping 9/10, the armpit area a 7/10 and her lower leg was a 6. Her forearms she couldn’t feel being done at all and rated a 2/10. She added that as the treatment goes on, it is thank fully getting less painful.

The fact that the bikini was higher than the rest was no surprise as clients generally do feel more pain in thiinline_163_ area as it is more sensitive. The good news is that she added that the treatment wasn’t as painful as waxing and that she did have a low pain tolerance.



So let’s look at why she gave us one of our best reviews. She told our team about how she had always been paranoid about her body hair as it is so dark and that given the results of the results from the treatment, the whole thing has been worthwhile.  She also zoned in how wearing short sleeves with the hair on her arms was difficult and about how the treatment has made life a lot easier for her.

Thanks for the honest review Danielle, we’re just glad it had such a happy ending!! Phew!

You can check out Danielle’s full review here:

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