The procedure we use when treating facial areas for laser hair removal.

Today’s blog is for doctors, nurses and beauticians a like and well, anyone who is currently or thinking about facial laser hair removal.

Our latest YouTube video shows Susan Murphy on her second laser hair removal treatment but this time, we weren’t showing you guys her experience with the treatment, Caroline was going through everything you can expect to happen while having this treatment and how we can judge whether or not it has been successful or not. 1 in a 1000 clients will see no results.

Step 1:

We cleanse and dry the area.

Step 2:

If the area we are treating on the face is large enough, we then need to map out the area with a white pencil prior to treatment as a guide.

Step 3:

We then apply gel to the area where the ET hand piece is going to be applied as it will cool the area before we carry out the treatment.

Once the area is prepped, we’re ready to go:

We work on each section marked out at a time and apply pressure upon application to suppress the nerve endings and make the treatment more comfortable for our patients

In looking for indication of good end results, we look out for 5 signs.

  1. The first one being, redness on the skin or a smell of singed hair.
  2. Oedema which is a small bit of swelling around the area where the hair follicle
  3. Extraction meaning that the hair would pop out immediately during treatment
  4. Or our clients to feel a pain scale of at least 1 – 2
  5. Generally, we need 2 of these indications to know that we have carried out a successful treatment

Following the treatment, we remove any remaining gel or white pencil on the area just using cold water. Once the treatment is complete, we then cool the area down and apply Aloe Vera and SPF on the skin before our clients return home.

Check out the full video here:

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