Full Body Laser Hair Removal – How Painful Will it Get during Treatment

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full body laser hair removal is something that a lot of people plan to undertake but are oftentimes discouraged to do so with one question in their minds – is it really painful?

Well, the answer to that is yes and no. It all depends on a few factors that you’re going to have to consider should you decide to go for a full body laser hair removal done. What are these factors, you ask? For one, you need to decide where to get the treatment from and two, it would depend on the device (or process) that the said treatment center employs for the procedure.

If a clinic is not as updated with the latest techniques and is not using the latest devices to perform a full body hair removal procedure then it might be painful. Otherwise, there are newer techniques and devices employed nowadays by top skin and hair clinics that would render this procedure pain free

Why it can be Painful?

Once again, a full body laser hair removal can be painful if the procedure is performed by those who are using cheap devices or outdated methodologies. You need to take note that when it comes to laser hair removal, there are tons of devices out there for sale and most of the time, these cheap devices are the culprit on painful treatments. 

So, please be wary if the clinic offers unreasonably low prices for most often than none, they are not that updated or are real experts on the procedure and it’s also possible that they use really cheap devices.

Why it can Also be Pain Free?

Well, it will be pain free, and we are not exaggerating, if the clinic employs newer methodologies, are real experts of laser hair removal, and utilizes the latest (not a cheap) device for the procedure.

So, when it comes to full body laser hair removal, make sure that you go to specialists and just be ready to spend just a tad bit more if you want to experience as much pain as possible and for the best results

What is This Pain Free Device You are Talking About?

All right, as we’ve mentioned, there are a couple of factors that would make your procedure as painless as possible 1) the technique employed and 2) the device utilizedLet’s discuss the device experts use for full body laser hair removal today the LightSheer Duet!

The LightSheer Duet is the top choice for specialists and on top of the market right now due to its ability to lessen the pain experienced significantly during hair removal procedures.  Well, it’s not only pain free but relatively comfortable. What makes the treatment pain free is the Vacuum Assisted Technology onboard on the LightSheer Duet device (by Lumenis). Now, how does that technology work?

Well, the vacuum that this device delivers is responsible for suppressing your nerve endings that renders hair removal pain free. The added comfort is due to the fact that the laser does not go through your nerves.  Because of this technology, the amount of heat employed in the hair removal procedure also does not need to be extreme just like in older or cheap devices. Procedures done using the LightSheer Duet is also 75% faster and are 100% safe for everyone without any risk of skin irritation at all. 

Most of the time what makes such a procedure painful is due to the aggressive heat that’s used by the devices and with the LightSheer Duet, you won’t have to experience that and with real hair removal specialists, you are in good hands. 

This is the ultimate solution that you can go for and avoid having to go waxing your hair off of your body which is ultra-painful if you ask us. So, once again, go to the right clinic that only uses the most modern techniques and devices for your full body laser hair removal. 

So, How Painful is a Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

Well, it turns out, not that much if you go to the right place. But of course, let us take into consideration that people differ in their tolerance for pain. But, in general, with the newer techniques and devices, the pain should be significantly less. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful, it should be pretty much only around 2 at most.  

Benefits of Full Body Laser Hair Removal

  • This procedure is much more precise and will not damage any surrounding skin.
  • Your chances of getting any skin irritation would be lesser too.
  • This is also one fast procedure and won’t take the bulk of your day.
  • Pain free and methodical and no surprising results whatsoever.
  • You are 100% in control and this delivers the best results. 
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