Girls with Game gets Laser Hair Removal

So why was Noelle interested in undergoing Laser hair removal?

If you’re a football lover and don’t know her, you must have been living under a rock for the past year because she is one of Ireland’s biggest football bloggers with a following of just under 50,000 followers on Instagram alone which brings us to why Noelle so badly needed Laser Hair Removal. Noelle is always posting pictures of new football boots, socks and shorts and constantly must ensure that her legs are silky smooth to be Instagram ready.

Noelle went on to tell Caroline that she was reluctant to undergo the treatment before as she had her doubts on whether she was suitable for treatment or not while in fact she is the perfect candidate as she has pale skin and dark hair.

*Remember, the laser works by picking up the pigment in your hair so the paler you skin and the darker your hair, the better your results are going to be.

Like a lot of people, Noelle also thought that you had to let your hair grow out to undergo the treatment while in fact, you need to be clean shaven.



Laser hair removal Dublin

What was so bad about shaving and waxing?

Noelle told Caroline that like a lot of us, when she continually shaves sensitive areas like her armpits, a rash develops and surprisingly that waxing just doesn’t work for. She explained that her hair grows back within 2-3 days.

The only solution for Noelle is laser hair removal and luckily, we can offer her high speed vacuum assist technology using the LightSheer DUET like we do with all of our clients and it is very safe, fast and comfortable to undergo.

What was the pain like?

Noelle gave the treatment at 1 out of 5 pain level on all areas that were treated. She said the most uncomfortable area was the back of knees but even at that she said she wouldn’t of described it as being anyway painful.

“It’s not sore at all,” Noelle Francis.

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