How to shave for your Brazilian | Laser hair removal bikini

How to shave for your Brazilian | Laser hair removal bikini

Hello, my name is Jasmine. In Dundrum, I’m one of the laser specialists. When you come in for your laser treatment, we’ll speak you how to shave the Brazilian area.

We recommend shaving the night before your appointment. I did provide the suggestion of using aloe vera to ensure that the region is fully smooth. It’s also a little bit easier to completely remove all of the hairs this way. Also, if you’re not used to treating or having lasers applied to your Brazilian or Hollywood, shaving in the area will take some time to get used to.

So take some time to yourself, lock the doors, and don’t rush when shaving the bikini area since you don’t want to irritate your skin, and you especially don’t want to coat your skin because that would be quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, it may prevent you from having your lasers done the next day.

Do Not Over-shave Your Brazilian Area!

It’s critical not to shave the same spot too many times. We recommend that you use a new razor each time, preferably one with three blades, so that you may achieve a somewhat smoother finish.

We recommend that you don’t shave the region with any fragrant products. Again, we don’t want any irritation while shaving, particularly if this is your first time using the laser on this area.

If the hair on the area is lengthy, I recommend trimming it with scissors before using the razor. Instead of shaving first, it will assist you to make the region perfectly smooth.

I’d break it down into chunks. So, if you start at the top of the bikini, you should consider moving to the side, and then working your way down to the labia and the bum area. Again, I would advise you to take your time and not rush these areas because they are critical.

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