How to Top up your Instagram Game

While having soccer blogger, Noelle Francis in for her laser hair removal treatment we HAD to ask her. “Noelle, how can we top up our Instagram Game?” No pun intended and her response shocked us. She told us that someone has in fact reached out to her to start promoting her brand on Instagram and from there she made sure to maintain her profile and keep her Instagram profile fresh and original.


1. Always make time to reply to people.

2.Give people advice if they ask for it. She went on to say that it’s important to make time to reply to people and interact. From this she said that her following grew and people knew that they could rely on her for real advice.

3. She ended by saying that the more she gives out, the more she gets back so her final piece of advice was to just keep posting and keep replying.


I think we can all agree that keeping it original is not something we’re worried about Noelle achieving, being a soccer blogger, she is one hundred and ten percent owning the game.



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