January Russell Winters

We recently had the pleasure of meeting model, January Winters as she visited our IFSC clinic to begin treatment on her cellulite.


She expressed how her cellulite had just crept up on her which most people would find hard to believe looking at her as she appears to be flawless, but in fact 80% of women experience cellulite at one point in their lives and only 10% of men have it! THEY HAVE IT SO EASY! For those of you who are lucky enough to not have had some experience with cellulite, it’s also known as orange peels or dimples in the skin.

Caroline had a look at the area and decided that the best treatment option would be dual combination treatment which involved which involved clinical and home care at the same time. This involved vacuum stacked radio frequency and CELL.U.LIFT. That treatment targets your collagen fibres and as Caroline said, “will become your new best friend.”



For those of who wondering what the radio frequency treatment feels like, it work by using vacuum therapy and so you can feel the suction and it’s also hot. January was more sensitive to the heat then the vacuum but told our team that it was “quite warm but not painful, totally bearable.” WE’LL TAKE IT! 😉 She also described it as a weird sensation.

You’re probably wondering what the after care is? Well it couldn’t be simpler all you have to do is make sure you don’t cool the area down after treatment as you need to let the treatment to do its job when you leave as it’s going to remodel for the next 12 weeks, which is also the point at which January will see the maximum results from the treatment.

Going back to the home care, January will be applying the CELL.U.LIFT morning and night.

To watch January’s full treatment, check out this link:

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