Jules Coll vs Laser Hair Removal

We’re back again with yet another blog based on the findings and experience of the one and only Caroline Hooper, certified laser specialist.

“You really shouldn’t pluck the hair as soon as you see it because you’re just going to create an army of them,” Caroline Hooper.

Weight loss vlogger, Jules Coll gave our Dundrum clinic a visit as she wanted to remove her chin hairs. The discussion herself and Caroline had was all too relatable. The two spoke in-depth about those uninvited bristles that appear on our chins every now and then and about that moment when you discover it’s there and have to remove it immediately.  

If you’re like Jules and seem to find a new hair every day, this means that you’re plucking away the hairs too often and are now in fact creating an army of them.

“You really shouldn’t pluck the hair as soon as you see it because you’re just going to create an army of them.” Caroline, CEO and director – Havana Skin Clinic.


Jules Coll chatting to Caroline about what she can expect during treatment.

Jules confused several hairs for being one thinking that the same hair was popping out to say hello but in fact your hair cycle is not that quick. If you at home feel as though, your hairs are growing every single day, you will more than likely have several hairs that are rotating. When you pluck the hair away, you’re stimulating new hairs to grow so you’re only option to end this vicious cycle is laser hair removal to remove it from the bulb.

Now, to have laser hair removal, the area must be shaven which can sound scary but It needn’t. You don’t need to go out and invest in a bottle of shaving foam and the newest Gillette 3000, extra close, baby smooth razor. All you need to do is take a razor and remove the hairs with the edge/corner. We highly advise that you watch this video before attempting to do this yourself at home. Caroline has the technique down to a T. The reason why this technique is the best is because you don’t want to remove your white hairs but if you do, its okay because we’ll be catching them with the laser also.


What can you expect to feel during treatment?

Going by Jules, she rated the pain scale as a 1 out of 5 and said she was feeling some really “unusual sensations”, she went on to describe it as a vibration and “then the odd little blast that isn’t even as sore as a pin prick.”

While undergoing the treatment, Caroline’s best advice to Jules is to “BIN THE TWEEZERS” and go elsewhere to have your eyebrows treated. When they’re not to hand, it’ll be easier to resist plucking those annoying hairs!

Now we all know that Jules is a goal getter and she most certainly is focused on the end result and is determined not to touch those annoying hairs until her next session of laser hair removal.

Your hair grows in 3 cycles so when we catch your hair at the first stage of growth we can remove the hair and we catch it on the second stage, we damage the hair causing it to become thinner and on the third stage of growth, your hair will remain the same.

So how we know that we’ve caught some of your hair on the first stage of growth??

A smell of burning hair that Caroline likes to call, “the sweet smell of success.”

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