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If you want to get rid of unsightly hair on your body, you have a couple of choices to consider. When different options work in distinct ways, each hair removal method has pros and cons. However, the latest, most advanced way to get a hair-free, smooth skin is through laser hair removal. If you desire to keep your skin smooth and fuzz-free for good, you may want to know more about this laser hair removal in Dublin.

Laser Hair Removal at Havana Skin Clinic

laser hair removalHavana Skin Clinic is a prominent provider of laser hair removal in Dublin. They use cutting-edge devices for their treatment to assure optimal results. One of their laser hair removal technologies is the LightSheer Duet made by Lumenis that is specially developed to make hair removal treatments pain-free. This device integrates state-of-the-art system that encourages a comfortable process for patients.

During the laser hair removal, a particular wavelength of light that produces heat gets in contact with the treated area. The heat energy targets the hair color, and then warms up the hair follicle to a temperature that destroys stem cells. With every session, the hair strands become thinner and thinner, until it leads to permanent hair loss of the treated areas.

It will take an average of 4-10 sessions to see the final result of the procedure. However, consultation prior the treatment is still recommended for every patient to ascertain that laser hair removal is the right treatment for their concerns.

Why You Need It

Considering a laser hair removal treatment has multiple perks both for aesthetic goals and skin health. The procedure can lead to permanent hair loss, which also means you will get to save money in the long run. You will no longer need to purchase hair removal products, and you will be able to save time. Laser hair removal at Havana Skin Clinic is safe, and does not harm the dermis. Unlike other conventional hair removal methods, laser hair removal does not result in ingrown hair, or bumps.

Trying Laser Hair Removal | Dublin

The typical laser hair removal procedure begins by asking the patient to sit or lay down in a comfortable position. When the patient is ready, an expert laser hair removal practitioner will then press the handpiece of the device in the treatment area. A cooling gel or a cooling applicator may be applied at the tip of the instrument prior to the treatment to protect the skin. Once the practitioner activates the laser, light beams will pass through the hair follicles where hair growth starts. The heat from the laser destroys the hair follicles, which causes permanent hair removal.

laser hair removal

If you need to learn more about laser hair removal in Dublin, reach out to Havana Skin Clinic on 01 4242010.


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