Since treating the very beautiful Dannielle Olivierre for laser hair removal, we have had so many enquiries about how we treat darker skin which is why our latest blog is dedicated to answering all of your unanswered questions.

Danielle is skin type 5 and so has to be treated with a diode laser as it is the only laser other than the Nd: yag that can treat the melanoma content in her skin.


So why can we treat her with a diode laser? Because it’s an 810 Nano Metre so it’s much safer for the melanoma content in her skin as we’re bypassing the melanoma that is on the epidermis where as an alexandrite laser is 755 Nano Metre’s and its beam isn’t as direct as a diode laser. Basically most of the alexandrite energy is being absorbed superficially and can only treat a skin type 1, 2 or 3. With the diode laser, we can go as high as a skin type 6 including the lighter skin types 1, 2 and 3.

The diode laser we use in Havana Skin Clinic is of course the LightSheer DUET by Lumenis. We love the LightSheer DUET as it has a built in vacuum technology to make the treatment more comfortable. It’s also 75% faster than any other laser on the market. It’s also a lot less painful than using the vacuum technology, the hair follicle is being pulled closer to the laser and so the heat of the laser doesn’t need to be as aggressive. The vacuum technology also means that we are not going through your nerves to remove the hair which is another reason why the treatment is less painful using this laser. In comparison to an Nd: yag, treatment time is an hour on one leg whereas with the LightSheer DUET, it’s 15 minutes.

To hear the treatment explained in further detail, check out this video with Havana’s CEO and director, Caroline explaining how we treat darker skin for laser hair removal.

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