Laser Hair Removal | Full Legs

Laser Hair Removal | Full Legs

I’m going to talk to you about laser hair removal for the complete legs in this blog. In all of our treatment clinics, laser hair removal on the entire leg is a very popular procedure. I’d think that more than 80% of female clientele would have their legs done completely.

And a lot of the time, that means getting a full body done with a full leg bikini and underarms. Because the legs are such a vast area to shave, it’s highly uncomfortable to have to either shave or wax the area, which may be pretty painful. And, once you’ve stripped the skin, you’re looking at a four to five-minute full leg wax, with all the hairs removed.

Is Laser Hair Removal Actually Painless?

It is fairly unpleasant to have your legs or any part of your body done without a laser. Whereas when done with the laser, you’re utilizing the latest technology available on the market, and lasers nowadays have improved to the point where they’re nearly pain-free.

We utilize this laser because it has a vacuum. Unless our clients are extremely sensitive to the laser, it is almost pain-free for the vast majority of our clients.

However, ten out of ten clients report that it is less painful than waxing, which I can attest to because I’ve done both. I’d never been able to get through a leg wax. I tried once, and I never tried again, and we got halfway through the legs before I had to stop.

Where when it comes to doing those lasers on the legs, I can laser myself and I can chat away at the same time.

I’ll probably do some laser work just to show you, folks, how it’s done and how painless it is.

When Should Full Legs Be Lasered For Hair Removal?

Because legs are lower on the body, laser works with the hair cycle, and it’s critical that we have your hair cycle at the proper time of growth for treatments to be successful and to offer you a successful conclusion and result.

So, because the legs are lower down and we’re in a slower hair cycle, we treat them at eight weeks. This is not something that everyone does, but it is something that we do.

If you’re thinking about doing laser hair removal on your own, whether you’re in Australia, Europe, or America, unless you come to me, it’s critical that you know and understands this information so that you get the most out of your treatment and avoid any unnecessary visits or costs.

The legs must be treated every eight weeks during the course of laser treatments. The upper body would be treated on a four-week cycle, but the legs would be treated every four weeks.

Why Do The Legs Need To Be Treated In An Eight-Week Cycle?

And what it implies is that in an eight-week cycle, we’re catching the hair at its most active stage of growth in order to kill more hairs per treatment. We won’t have as many hairs in an active stage of growth if we do six weeks, and we won’t have as many hairs in an active stage of growth if we do twelve weeks again. So an eight-week cycle is the best time to treat your legs.

Although it’s preferable to have all of your treatments done on the same day if you’re having a full-body, it will cost you more money because you’ll have more hairs at the conclusion of, say, six treatments than if you had two legs done at an eight-week interval.

That is, without a doubt, my advice. It’s what we do in our clinic and how we advise our clients on how to get the most out of their laser therapy if they’re getting a full-body treatment. We recommend that they come in for a four-week cycle for the bikini and underarms, and an eight-week cycle for the legs.

It simply implies that you’ll be including the legs in every second visit to the bikini underarm. If you conclude your treatment with six treatments on the bikini and underarm, you’ll need to come back for two additional appointments to get the legs done alongside the underarms done too. 

I hope this blog has given you some insight into what to expect if you decide to have laser hair removal on your legs. If you think I can help someone else who is thinking about laser, whether it’s a friend, a coworker, or a family member, please share it with them.

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