Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is currently the best option to achieve a smooth, hair-free skin. Advanced procedures for laser hair removal today are efficient, fast and have minimal discomfort. Though devices used for this treatment are equipped with smart systems to assure it won’t damage the skin, there are still steps that patients must do to have a safe and successful procedure. As such, here are what patients when preparing for laser hair removal.

Clean and shave the area prior to the treatment

inline_575_’s important to keep the skin clean and shaved before undergoing laser hair removal, as it may affect the treatment. Laser hair removal works using an energy that is absorbed beneath the skin. If the area has impurities, dirt or hair prior the treatment, the laser may not be bale to effectively target hair follicles. Not cleaning or shaving the area before the procedure could affect the results, as well as the equipment being used. It may damage the device, and reduce the efficiency of the treatment. Therefore, before undergoing laser hair removal, make sure that the skin has no lotion, deodorant, or any cosmetics, and is completely shaved.

Get a good razor or high quality shaving equipment

The skin must be completely shaved before the treatment. To make sure the skin will not get cut or irritated due to shaving, it’s necessary to use the right shaving equipment. Get a high quality razor such as Mac 3 when shaving your skin. This way, any skin damages will be avoided, and you can be sure that the area is completely shaved.

Shave the area the night before the treatment

Shaving the area 2 or 3 days prior the treatment would probably result in a skin with too much hair. On the other hand, shaving the skin too closely to the treatment may cause irritations. Thus, the best time to shave the skin is 24-hours prior the treatment.

Shave the area 3 days before and 24 hours before the treatment

inline_370_ people who pluck or wax their hair, they should have the skin shaved 3 days before the treatment, and then go over the area again 24-hours prior the procedure. Patients who remove hair by pulling it from the roots may have fewer hairs on the surface of the skin. Thus, the laser may not efficiently target the hair follicles. Especially for areas that are difficult to shave, like the bikini area, it’s advised that these areas must be shaved 3 days and 24-hours prior the procedure to avoid any possibilities of skin damage or irritation. Shaving the areas before the laser hair removal also helps in the success of the procedure.

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