IPL/Photo rejuvenation (M22)


Using the most advanced technology Lumenis M22 medical grade IPL we can successfully treat the following skin conditions: Pigmentation, Sun Spots, Red veins, Rosacea, Acne, minimizing lines and wrinkles.

Price per Treatment Price per Course Special Package
Nose (3 Treatments) €90 €270 €220
Cheeks (3 Treatments) €100 €300 €250
Nose & Cheeks (3 Treatments) €150 €450 €375
Full Face (3 Treatments) €250 €750 €600
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Nose 1 Treatment, Nose 3 Treatments, Nose Special Package, Cheeks 1 Treatment, Cheeks 3 Treatments, Cheeks Special Package, Nose & Cheeks 1 Treatments, Nose & Cheeks 3 Treatments, Nose & Cheeks Special Package, Full Face 1 Treatments, Full Face 3 Treatments, Full Face Special Package


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