We just can’t get enough of Rebecca Gillen and can you blame us? If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll know that this young ladies story is both inspiring and motivational

For those of you who don’t know, she courageously returned home from London where she was working as a paediatric nurse to pursue her passion in health and fitness. Rebecca grew up in Galway but decided that Dublin was the best place to start a career in health and fitness and moved here on a budget of €22 until she finally found her feet at Ashley Crooks Fitness. A tight budget never stopped this heavy lifting goddess, in fact Becca always found ways to always stay in shape! She even incorporated a sack of potatoes into her work outs.


But why did Becca’s Instagram blow up? We HAD to ask her last time she was in for a session of laser hair removal and the answer was so simple. Becca told us that she used her profile as diary for healthy recipes and work outs. She would create healthy meals and new work out regimes and post them on Instagram so she could remember them. Becca wasn’t the only one turning back to them as a get fit guide as people everywhere began to notice what she was doing and her following just snow balled and for good reason too!



We asked her for her top tips on building your Instagram and here’s what she had to say:

  1. Before posting a new exercise, make sure you’ve done it yourself and are doing it properly.
  2. Make sure that when telling your followers about a workout, that you tell them that it isn’t suited to everyone so BE CAREFUL!! While trying to help people, they could get hurt especially if you post a tutorial with heavy weights and someone who has never lifted weights before watches it.
  3. Give a variety of tutorials from beginners to advanced work outs, Light to heavy weights so that your followers can choose the ones that are right for them!

Aaaaaand Noted! Thanks for the advice Becc 😉

Here’s the full video we made with Becca.

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