Reducing stretch marks with Shapes and Shadows

We recently saw Amy of the blog, Shapes and Shadow visit our Sword’s clinic to undergo stretch mark reduction treatment.

Caroline began by explaining to Amy that stretch marks are the most difficult things to treat but possible and went on to tell Amy that before she begins treatment, she has to take a look at the stretch marks before determining what would be the best treatment.

After looking at the area, Caroline knows that the best way to treat the area is by a combination treatment to give the best response.

The following is step by step what treatment Caroline performed on Amy:

  1. Remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to prevent them from blocking us getting right into the stretch marks.
  2. Caroline will then perform Micro Needling on the area which will create little micro channels in the skin and re enforce the skin tissue to rejuvenate an reform itself.
  3. The third step is a session of Radio Frequency treatment which will help to remodel the area and tighten and firm the surface of the skin also.
  4. The last step is something we only advice and that is that Amy does topical treatment at home.

Amy’s verdict?

She reviewed the treatment as fine and that she had expected a lot worst, going onto that yes it was painful in certain areas especially on her sides. She compared the feeling post treatment to the feeling of sunburn.


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