We’ve only gone and teamed up with student and Ashley crooks fitness online coach, Sarah Moloney.

Like most of the Instagram stars that walk through our doors, we had to ask her the whole shebang! The Who, The How, The What, The When and The Were you always this FABULOUS?! Luckily for us, Sarah was more than happy to answer all of the questions our eager team was dying to ask.

So Sarah is a normal college student who does bikini competitions and anything gym and exercise related in her free time. She’s 19 years of age and she began her Instagram account when she was 16 but it began to pick up 2 years ago when she was in her 5th year of secondary school.


We had to ask her how her Instagram blew up to become what it is today, she simply told us that much like Rebecca Gillen, she used it as an online diary to save her recipes, to track progress and some harmless selfies and also turned to it for inspiration.

The real growth in followers came when she began competing in bikini competitions as she was also completing her leaving cert at the same time. Her following consisted of a younger audience who found inspiration in how she balanced both the gym and college.

We had to ask her if she was always so into fitness and her response was quite surprising. She said she did do basketball which was about the only thing and other than that she had tried every sport but failed to stick at one.

She told us that “After school I would eat 5 chocolate bars, I didn’t care at all.” In 6th year something clicked and everything changed from there. Now Sarah is aspiring to become a personal trainer as she wants to start helping people in the gym.



Of course she is already an online coach for Ashley crooks fitness. At the age of 19, there truly is no stopping her!! A full time student who is also undergoing a part time course in the evenings to become a personal trainer and competing in competitions.

This is where we get to the, “Where you always so fabulous?” part, we had to ask if she was always so confident and she told us that when she first set up her Instagram account and seen so many images of beautiful, skinny women, it played with her confidence a lot in fact resulted with her being border line in an eating disorder. She made reference to the fact that she was 16 and in a venerable position and her Instagram news feed led her to yoyo diet.

After chatting to a doctor and being told the facts about her diet, from there she began to eat properly again and build herself back up. This took her from barely even being able to get up and talk in class to a place where could compete in bikini competitions.

It was truly amazing to see Sarah light up, talking about the competition. She said that at that moment when she was on stage her confidence shot through the roof and when she got off the stage, she didn’t care where she came in the competition, she just cared that she had done it.

To date, Sarah is one of the most inspirational people we’ve met and had the pleasure of working with!

You can check out her full video here:

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