Sitting down to chat with Amy Melia or as you probably know her as blogger, Shapes and Shadows was one of the most honest interviews we’ve done yet!

“I’m so sick and tired of the photoshop, show me something natural like an ass with the stretch marks”, Kendric Lamar

Not to say that our others were fake but Amy laid it all out on the table and was NOT afraid to voice her opinion on current trends on Instagram and how the majority of photos you see are the same and a lot are also airbrushed and photoshopped.



She has a point? While searching for products to treat stretch marks after having a baby, who wants to be presented with an image of someone with a perfect body who’s clearly never had children? It doesn’t make sense.


In the words of Kendric Lamar, “I’m so sick and tired of the photoshop, show me something natural like an ass with the stretch marks”. She didn’t quote Kendric but quoting his song humble seemed way to relevant not to in this blog.





Aren’t we all getting sick of the avalanche of flawless, perfect people on Instagram? We’re all following these beautiful people who have perfect bodies, a rich lifestyle and who seem to have personal photographers to follow them around and get the best off guard pictures all day every day. In seems like we’re all in love with the idea of having their lifestyle, just like somebody who has stretch marks after having a baby may go for a product that show cases somebody with a perfect body who is stretch mark free, But it’s just not real and Amy is sick of it.

Amy fought back against modern society and posted an image of her stretch mark filled stomach and laid it all out! She let everyone know that this was she is and when we spoke about it, she expressed how it was hard to post it but she did it in the end. All we can say Amy is that we’re so happy you posted it and you done A LOT of women proud and men for that matter. Social media should be a place where people connect and chat about real issues, not just say, “look at what I’ve got that you don’t!”

You can check out Amy’s full interview here:

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