Stretch Mark Reduction – Shapes and Shadows Review.

We needed the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on this one which is why we set Caroline the challenge of getting Amy’s 100% truthful review on how the treatment was. We know the results are incredibly but that must come at a cost, right??

Let’s find out:

Microdermabrasion – “You could feel the suction and a slight scrape, bearable, you wouldn’t of even know anything was happening.” We’ll take it!


Micro Needling – A lot worse than the microdermabrasion but you could sit through it. It was like a scraping sensation and worse at the sides and around bone areas than anywhere else.


Radio Frequency – Fine on certain areas but the closer Caroline got to the bones, the more Amy could feel it but the more gel Caroline applied, the more comfortable the treatment became.


We can’t tell you how Amy got on with the home care but we promise we’ll keep you posted. 😉 



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