So we’re back to everything
Susan Murphy

And we’re doing everything to turn her bad memories of laser hair removal into good ones which seems to working so far.


Susan Murphy was in for her first full session of laser hair removal and said that the pain level was “almost non-existent”, but pain wasn’t what made her previous experience so bad. Susan was left with pigmentation following her last treatment when she underwent laser hair removal years prior with another clinic.

Her review of the treatment here at Havana Skin Clinic is that it went “very smooth, very quick and very easy”.


We seem to be always coming back to the fact that the treatment is practically pain free, but why is that? Here’s where it gets interesting. The vacuum technology used by our LightSheer DUET laser means that the hair follicle is being pulled closer to the laser to be zapped without going through any nerves.

Clients often say that the treatment felt uncomfortable on more sensitive areas like the bikini and underarm but on the leg area resembled a massage.

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