At the beauty show in the RDS, we met up with Anne Marie, a new business consultant with Dermalogica and we had so many questions to ask her and we mainly wanted to know where Dermalogica was going and what the future looked like.

Why were we so interested?

Dermalogica has recently joined Unilever meaning that they now have tonnes of opportunity for research and development. You could say that the future for this world renowned skincare brand is looking bright to say the least, especially seeing’s though they’ve followed in the footsteps of Image Skincare’s brand and started doing peels.


What were they doing at the RDS?

They were show casing their products, treatments, face mapping skin analysis and their new skin solver treatments which is a 10 minute treatment.


We also got a chance to talk to Louise, a Training Specialist at Dermalogica. Louise outlined why Dermalogica has earned its title as number one skincare brand.


Dermalogica is a company which is based primarily on education, educating all of its therapists and all of its clients and customers is well because they know that everyone wants to have the healthiest skin possible.

Their progress as a skincare brand hasn’t gone unnoticed by our very own Caroline who commented saying,


“From a business owners point of view, I’ve been watching Dermalogica really closely and what I’ve found is that they are now really homing back on the range of products that they’re offering and they seem to be delivering more aesthetic style treatments so that really interests me.”

~Caroline Hooper, director and CEO, Havana Skin Clinic.


They thrive to not only provide them with education but to give them their own education that they need to achieve their best skin possible.



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