Laser Tattoo Removal Let go of your past & find a new future.

Because forever doesn't always mean forever

Laser is the most effective way of removing an unwanted tattoo. It is also the most common method of tattoo removal in the world.

What does the laser do?

A tattoo will stay on the body because the ink particles in your tattoo are two large to be broken down by the body's natural immune system. The laser breaks the tattoo particles down and the smaller particles are natuarally removed by the body.

How long?
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After effects
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All our treatments are carried out under strict procedures, that have been built up over years of experience.  This means that you can feel confident that you are in professional hands the second you step over the threshold of one of our clinics.


Laser Tattoo Removal - The Science

From the moment the tattoo is complete, your body's trying to destroy it. Your body recognizes that it's foreign and is trying to reject it. So your immune system is coming over looking at your tattoo and saying "this isn’t part of us". White blood cells start to attack to remove the pigment. The white blood cell is a tiny little cell whereas the pigment from your tattoo is pretty big if you looked at it under the microscope. That white blood cell actually tries to destroy it by engulfing the pigment, and because the white cell is tiny and the pigment is relatively large, the attack is a very difficult thing. It's like trying to take a bite out of an whale.

The problem is that the relative size of the white blood cell and the pigment, big pigment, little white blood cell. So what the laser does, is, if you have the right type of laser when you hit it with the correct type of laser, that pigment will shatter. And so as you shatter the pigment you're making it smaller. So you're accelerating the speed with which the white blood cells can do their job, and the efficiency with which the white blood cells can remove the pigment.

So we hit the ink with this laser and then the white blood cells grab the broken up ink particles and start them on a journey. Through the lymphatic channels of the skin, into the larger lymph channels deeper down, and ultimately through the liver for cleaning up and excretion.

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