Laser Tattoo Removal
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Tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Sometimes we make rash decisions, especially during our younger years, and one of those is getting a tattoo. There are many reasons why a person wants to get rid of his tattoo. While tackling those reasons is not part of our goal, here we will discuss how you can now remove permanent tattoos using a laser. Laser tattoo removal is the most effective method to get a clean and clear skin again. If you’re one of those people who have a tattoo that you regret having, now is your chance to finally get rid of it. Here’s how laser tattoo removal can help.

How laser tattoo removal works

Laser tattoo removal erases or lightens a tattoo through a process called, photothermolysis. This method is ultra-short pulses of laser delivered into the skin, which is extremely hot to be able to break down the ink of tattoos. When the laser finally cracks the ink particles apart using its speed and heat, the ink will then be absorbed by the white blood cells, and then be transported to the liver for excretion. The laser targets the pigment of the tattoos, which make darker inks like black easier to erase. Other light colors like red or white may be more difficult to treat, and may need a particular type of laser to be removed. 

Does it hurt

Laser tattoo removal may cause discomfort as the laser heats the skin to thousands of degrees to remove the ink. However, it doesn’t burn the tissue, and the laser heats up the skin extremely rapidly that energy collapses into a shockwave. This shockwave causes the skin to lift and ‘frost’. Although it’s painful, the sensation only lasts for a few seconds.

How many sessions do you need to remove your tattoo?

The number of sessions depends on the scale of the tattoo and the colors of the ink used. As said earlier, the darker the pigment the tattoo has, the easier it can be removed. In many cases, certain colors respond better to the laser than others. For large and colorful tattoos, it may take several sessions to completely remove all the ink.

What to consider before undergoing laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal must be performed by a certified expert, most of the time, a doctor that specializes in tattoo removal. The client will be asked to provide a medical and surgical history prior to the treatment. It must be understood that it takes time until the tattoo will be completely removed after the treatment. The client must wait for the skin to heal until they can see the final results of their treatment.

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Because forever doesn't always mean forever

Laser is the most effective way of removing an unwanted tattoo. It is also the most common method of tattoo removal in the world.

What does the laser do?

A tattoo will stay on the body because the ink particles in your tattoo are two large to be broken down by the body's natural immune system. The laser breaks the tattoo particles down and the smaller particles are natuarally removed by the body.

How long?

Every tattoo is different, so normally you will need between 5 and 20 treatments (depending on the tattoo).  It is normal to have a treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.

Does it hurt?

There is some discomfort.  It will be similar discomfort as is felt when getting a tattoo.  No pain, no gain.  Areas futher away from the bone will hurt less than areas closer to the bone.

After effects

There will be some redness and swelling after a treatment, this is a normal part of the process and usually settles in a couple of days.

Tattoo removal is not suitable for pregnant women.

What to do after a treatment

After each treatment, it is recommended to apply an ice compress to the skin.  Your therapist will bring you through the process during your consultation.


Laser Tattoo Removal
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Tattoo Removal
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Laser Tattoo Removal - The Science

From the moment the tattoo is complete, your body's trying to destroy it. Your body recognizes that it's foreign and is trying to reject it. So your immune system is coming over looking at your tattoo and saying "this isn’t part of us". White blood cells start to attack to remove the pigment. The white blood cell is a tiny little cell whereas the pigment from your tattoo is pretty big if you looked at it under the microscope. That white blood cell actually tries to destroy it by engulfing the pigment, and because the white cell is tiny and the pigment is relatively large, the attack is a very difficult thing. It's like trying to take a bite out of an whale.


The problem is that the relative size of the white blood cell and the pigment, big pigment, little white blood cell. So what the laser does, is, if you have the right type of laser when you hit it with the correct type of laser, that pigment will shatter. And so as you shatter the pigment you're making it smaller. So you're accelerating the speed with which the white blood cells can do their job, and the efficiency with which the white blood cells can remove the pigment.


So we hit the ink with this laser and then the white blood cells grab the broken up ink particles and start them on a journey. Through the lymphatic channels of the skin, into the larger lymph channels deeper down, and ultimately through the liver for cleaning up and excretion.

Tattoo removal
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