So many people come into our clinics everyday with skin that’s looking a little bit neglected, however it’s not neglected at all. What does your skin need?

They’ve just been miss judging what exactly their skin is lacking. For example, it can be so easy to mistake sensitive skin for dry skin.


We decided to grab Caroline on to talk us through the various cleansers we should be using for our skin and here’s what she had to say.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, vitamin C is the best active ingredient to induce into your skin to help combat any dryness that you’re having. Another ingredient that would be very common would be salicylic which would treat a build-up of oil on the skin and would help anyone who suffers with break outs, anyone who is suffering with acne and in some cases, mild rosacea.

A build of dry dead skin can build up on the surface that you need to shed as soon as you reach 25. At 25, your cell turn over starts to slow down and you begin to get this build-up of dead skin and the only way to properly kick in is with this active ingredient to get everything moving again and doing their jobs as they should be.

Another really popular ingredient would be glycolic. Glycolic is used for anyone who has a build-up of dry skin or for anyone who is has ageing skin.

However, these ingredients should only be used a correction period of maximum of 3 months.  After this, you would then need to ween off them and you can do this with home remedies which is something we love to do here at Havana Skin Clinic! We may be a laser and skin clinic but we love creating face masks with everyday house hold ingredients and will be launching our new series, “Fruit Facial Friday” on our You Tube channel, so don’t forget to hit subscribe 😉

For now, here’s the full video this blog was wrote on! Hope you like it!!

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