What is body contouring/sculpting?

We caught up with Laurie, one of our most experienced Laser and skin specialists to explain body contouring and sculpting in further detail.

Laurie first pointed out to us that WE ALL have little lumps and bumps that we’re not overly happy with much like herself.


So, how does she reduce the appearance of these uninvited lumps and bumps?


Contouring is a key principle in reducing their appearance. Thanks to Kimmy K and her contour revolution, we’re all fully aware of the power of the contour when it comes to flawless make up finish but it also applies to our bodies.


When we apply heat to the skin, it will contract and melt those pesty bits of fat and lumps that we’re not so happy with and it’s very safely excreted through your lymphatic system and to achieve best results, a course of between 2 and 6 treatments is usually recommended depending on the individual and their desired results.

What areas can we treat?


Pretty much every and any part of your body.

Stomach, thighs, hips etc and of course those areas that you work out to the death at the gym and never see much results from.

One of the treatments we use to perform body contouring is called Radio Frequency and it’s quite relaxing. It heats up your skin to 42 degrees to melt away those unwanted bumps and lumps. These treatments also improve your collagen and elastin so the tone is improved. It’s also really good for stretch marks is well.

Our second treatment is called the Sculpsure and it’s killing our fat cells which is amazing because the only other thing that will do that is liposuction!


Hear Laurie explain everything in this blog is further detail below:


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