What skincare brand should you be using? Part 2

Continuing on from our last blog, Dermalogica have really been stepping up their game and it hasn’t gone un-noticed by our very own CEO and director, Caroline.

“From a business owners point of view, I’ve been watching Dermalogica really closely and what I’ve found is that they are now really homing back on the range of products that they’re offering and they seem to be delivering more aesthetic style treatments so that really interests me.”

~Caroline Hooper, director and CEO, Havana Skin Clinic.

They are definitely one to look out for, given that they’ve joined Uni Lever, they’re products are only going to improve.  Of course, it’s important to trust the advice of a professional which is why we suggest keeping up with the reviews of what skin specialists and therapists are saying.


Here’s some bloggers/influencers who you can rely on for concrete advice when it comes to skincare:


The Skin Nerd – Jennifer Rock. Jennifer is a multi-award winning dermal facialist and skin lecturer. She is also an award winning aesthetician, facialist and international skin lecturer for brands and professional bodies such as ITEC and CIDESCO.  Jennifer has lectured on skincare in the USA, London, Paris, Melbourne, Glasgow and Dublin. Jennifer has also lectured alongside such aesthetic luminaries as IMAGE Skincare certified plastic surgeon Dr Marc Ronert and the co-creator of the esteemed London Harley Street Medical Hospital Dr Ahmar Khan, to name but a few.





Call us bias but our second one is our very own Caroline Hooper, Caroline is the CEO and director of Havana Skin Clinic. She set up Havana skin Clinic or Havana Therapy as it was back then 5 years ago with partner, Keith Hogan. Caroline does continue to work as a laser and skin specialist but mainly trains new staff. As Caroline’s knowledge in the industry grew so did her company, tripling in size in just 4 years. The 3 clinics and knowledgeable staff are representative of Caroline’s years of research and knowledge and experience as a laser and skin specialist.    

Both Caroline and Jennifer are just examples of sources of real, qualified sources of advice for skincare. We just suggest that if you are following a blogger and are unsure of whether or not to take their advice that you make sure they are qualified to give that advice and that it isn’t just based on opinion.


Did Caroline just say that about Dermalogica??


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