What skincare brand should you be using??

We use Image skincare in Havana Skin Clinic simply because their peels achieve unbeatable results due to years of development and perfection. The standard of Image treatments follows through to their take home products which includes everything from lip balms, to SPF’s, to moisturisers for cellulite reduction to foundation and so on. We are undoubtedly passionate about Image as a whole but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep an eye on their competitors.




We’ve gone as far and testing the waters and running competitions with extensive ranges of products from brands Juliette Armand and Dermalogica so that we could achieve a greater understanding of what our clients really want.  




Dermalogica have followed in Image footsteps and launched their own ranges of peels and given that Dermalogica are now the number one professional skincare brand chosen by profinline_303_http://havanaskinclinic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Final-Comp-Pic-Dermaoligica-and-Image-300x182.jpgessional therapists, they are definitely one to watch out for! We managed to catch up with Anne Marie, a representative for Dermalogica who went onto to tell us that now their part of Unilever, they have even more opportunity for research and development and will result in the treatments and products becoming even more advanced.

She also confirmed that they don’t plan on giving up the title of number 1 professional skincare brand quite yet!  

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